UCLA Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

Letters and Sciences

Currently debating Berkeley and ucla! Idk what to do!!

you got off the waitlist for both?

Do Berkeley!


I was committed to Berkeley by 5/1, but just got off ucla’s

Any specific reasons? Both are such good options I don’t know what to do, and I only have 3 days to decide on ucla!

You’re going to get biased opinions both ways. Probably more pro-UCLA on this board. They’re both great schools.

The vibe and what you’re looking for in the whole experience are probably most key.

Congrats. You can’t go wrong.


S18 and D18 were both admitted to UCB and UCLA (instate, L&S). Both decided Berkeley was too close to home. D18 took a full ride elsewhere while S18 chose UCLA. That was a somewhat controversial choice back then when Berkeley had a higher ranking and lower acceptance rate. Now it’s not questioned at all, especially in L&S, given that UCLA is cheaper, has better housing and food, and just generally feels like a happier place with more school spirit (undoubtedly helped by the weather).


Sorry- may 12

I think there were only small waves in the past two weeks. Didn’t see many getting off.

Is it ok to send in another loci to update recent activities? Will they take the letter into consideration?

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OK. I don’t know when I can get the result. :disappointed_relieved:

No they will not take another LOCI into consideration.

:pray::pray: :alarm_clock:


Is it advised to email questions, eagerness to attend etc. to the admissions staff and not necessarily an official LOCI? Or is this perceived as annoying and not following directions? I am asking for all the UCs, as my daughter was waitlisted at 4 of them.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you!

UC’s do not consider an applicants level of interest. You should only submit the information required to opt into the waitlist and then move on.

So I’m assuming not today either.


Yeah I guess not, this is getting really disheartening


Last year instate found out the 20th of May


I’m oos and seeing other oos kids get in and I’m just still waiting makes me more and more disheartened.