UCLA Class of 2026 Waitlist/Appeal Discussion

bruh… the end of may and beginning of august are not even comparable LMFAOOO. it’s almost the start of the school year for some schools. i mean don’t get me wrong, i’m still very appreciative of the fact that i’m still on the waitlist and i hope to get off, but if they’re just stringing me along thats so cruel ;(. like i understand the waitlist is never guaranteed but other schools ended it around may/june, so it’s not like going this late is supppperrr standard (obviously they’ve done it before but it’s just not as common).


They have done it before and they will do it again. They know they are UCLA. If it were UCSC, we would have hung up the phone in May.

I mean UC Berkeley, which is arguably more prestigious than UCLA, closed their waitlist about a month ago

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i knew there was a chance they might extend it as they’ve done in previous years, but other prestigious schools (ivy league, privates, berkeley/irvine/san diego), have long closed the waitlist. sure the waitlist might be open in case the head count changes, but normally there isn’t much change for enrollment for ucla. my point is that it’s not like ucla NEEDS to keep it open. they’re keeping students on the waitlist but for what reason, it’s not very apparent.

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For undergrad study, many students prefer UCLA. For PhD, there is no comparison.

Rejected In-state

Same. No email. Just a portal change.

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Same rejected in-state….

Son rejected in-state

What major did you guys apply to? If you don’t mind sharing

Data Theory.

Oh wow! Hope he does well whichever university he’s attending!!

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Hope you do well in whichever university you’re attending!! Still didn’t receive any decisions…

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I applied undecided but still no changes…

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are you in- state,or out-state/international? thanks?

Hey, I’m OOS, ru still on the waitlist? Apologies for replying back so late

thanks,i am still on waitlist and no change. My major is applied math. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, good luck!!

last year,UCLA closed waitlist by the end of July.

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UCLA freshman admission data for fall 2022 is out: