UCLA Class of 2027 Official Thread

The data linked below is older(2021) than what @GumbyMom linked above. But still provides some more information like UW GPA and Weighted Uncapped GPA.

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Good luck to all the applicants this cycle. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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ELA 9% - what is the eligibility, does the kid have to be in-state all years? My daughter was in another state for her 9th grade and in CA -10th and 11th grades. When the school invited the top students for a meeting, she was not invited. I felt as though then that she was not in top 10% at her school.


ELC is just based on the following criteria below. ELC is just one of 13 areas of UC application review criteria used but it is still possible to be admitted to a UC even if the student does not have the ELC designation.

How do I qualify?

If you are a California resident and rank in the top 9 percent of students in your California high school class — and your high school participates in our ELC program — you may be eligible for ELC designation.

We will identify the top 9 percent of students based on GPA in UC-approved coursework completed in the 10th and 11th grades. To be considered for ELC, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and complete the following A-G courses prior to your senior year:

History 1 year
English 2 years
Mathematics 2 years
Science 1 year
Language other than English 1 year
Other A-G courses
(chosen from the subjects listed above or another course approved by the university) 4 years

After you enter your coursework and grades in the UC application, we’ll compare your GPA to the historic, or benchmark, GPA for your school. If you meet or exceed that GPA, you’ll be designated ELC and we’ll add a note to your application.

How does UC calculate my school’s historic or benchmark GPA?

  • UC uses transcripts that your school has submitted for the top 15 percent of your high school’s junior class, after final junior year grades are entered.
  • Based on these transcripts, UC establishes a historic, or benchmark, GPA representing the expected GPA for the top 9 percent of the students from your school.
  • Schools are periodically asked to submit transcripts so that we can monitor and adjust benchmark GPAs.
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@gumbymom, I’m glad I found this info. I’m a parent trying to understand the essays in the applications. It seems to be that students submit a personal statement essay and then four additional essays. So total essays is 5.
I’m getting confused because I though students select two prompt from four topics. So I’m thinking that personal statements plus 2 essays. So total is 3 essays.
A clarification/explanation would be appreciated.



The UC Application requires 4 short essays which can be chosen from 8 different topics. There is no personal statement on the UC application.


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thank you @gumbymom. So 4 short essays - 350 words each.


Correct, 4 short essays with the 350 word limit.

Yes and 20 activities/ extracurriculars with descriptions.

It looks like you are from OOS. The UC application is separate from the Common App. The UCSB admissions tutorial videos are helpful.

20 sounds a lot. My kid doesn’t have 20 activities/extracurriculars.

Thanks for the link to tutorial, ikg4answers

@lkg4answers, the info from the tutorial was helpful.
The UC has its own application process and doesn’t accept the common application.

They receive like 150k application last time I read. Anyone knows how they select students?
Of course, GPA and rigor of the classes are very important. Essays to get to know the students. Could anyone share their experience getting in? why do you think you kid got accepted?


There are 13 areas of application review but each UC Campus will weight the criteria differently. UC GPA’s, HS course rigor and the Personal insight essays are very important.


  • Very important: Academic GPA, Application essays, Rigor of secondary school record
  • Important: Character/personal qualities, Extracurricular activities, Talent/ability, Volunteer work, Work experience
  • Considered: First generation college student, Geographical residence, AP/IBHL exam scores
  • Note: GPA, course work, number of and performance in honors and AP courses most important. Essay considered. Strong senior program important. Extracurricular activities, honors and awards also reviewed.
    • For the College of Letters and Science, the applicant’s major is not considered during the review process.
    • The Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science admits students by declared major, with more emphasis on science and math programs.
    • The School of Nursing also places more emphasis on science and math programs and requires the submission of an additional supplemental application.
    • The School of the Arts and Architecture; Herb Alpert School of Music; and the School of Theater, Film and Television admit students by declared major (within the school), and put more emphasis on special talents through a review of portfolios and/or auditions, which are the most significant admission factors for these schools.

The 2022 Fall OOS admit rate for UCLA was 8.8%

@gumbymom, thank you.

UC Berkeley and UCLA are the most selective. Which UC are in the middle UC Davis, UC Irving, UCSB, UCSD ?

And, I’m guessing UCR, UCM and UCSC are the less selective ones in the UC system?

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I do not want to divert this discussion thread about UC selectivity so I will PM you the OOS admit rates for 2022.

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@Owl1 I see that your child is applying to top schools and is looking for merit scholarships. The UCs provide very little, if any, aid to OOS students. Plan on paying $68K/year at UCLA.


@ikg4answers. thank you! price tag is like a private one.
Merit scholarships would be nice, but we’re not holding our breath for it. Public, private are a consideration at this point.

No worries. It makes sense, Gumbymom


At UCLA, my son applied for their Business Economics (pre), I noticed that it would require to submit application to declare that as major. What happened if he was not qualified to declare that as major? What options that he would have?