UCLA Class of 2027 Official Thread



DD Waitlisted for UCLA, in state
Actuarial Mathematics with Finance emphasis
UW GPA 3.9/ W GPA 4.3
11 AP Classes, 1 honors
Top 9% ELC
Good ECs and PIQs

Congratulations to all those admitted and good luck to those choosing to opt in to the waitlist.


Rejected, feels like crying

Sorry to hear that. What was the UC GPA - unweighted, capped, and uncapped? CS is just insanely hard these days and ithe results are no reflection on your student.

Reposting with the new template

Decision: Reject
Merit scholarships awarded (if any): none
Major (and division if applicable) applied to: CS & Comp Eng

UC Unweighted GPA:3.95
UC Capped Weighted GPA: 4.38
UC Fully Weighted GPA:4.68
ELC (top 9% CA HS):Yes & Statewide as well

Comments about course load (including senior year): Senior year was 6 APs, 2 3un CC and 1 5 un CC both semesters
Number of a-g courses: 34 (16 classes/46 units CC, 8 AP, 5 Honors)
Number of UC Approved Honors courses: 3
Number of AP courses/exams (scores in parentheses): 8/2, APWH 5 rest not taken yet
Number of IB courses/exams (score in parentheses):0

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): None


Extracurriculars: 6 fig business boy scouts sysadmin for district & friends Jazz Band and Intern for political campaign

Job/Work Experience: Ran a 6 figure business nettign nearly 5000 units in sales and 450k in revenue

Volunteer/Community service: Helped run a political campaign as well as its meet & greets and voter databases for polling

Summer Activities: CC courses & Backpacking

Personal Insight essays (details): terrible that’s all I can sya

Supplemental/Augmented Review: No

DEMOGRAPHICS:: Iranian in Los Angeles, first gen immigrant but not first gen college or low income

State/location of HS (if domestic applicant): CA, LA

Country (if international applicant): US

Applied for need-based financial aid? Yes

First Generation? No

Waitlist info and data here:

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Daughter waitlisted

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Accepted; major: MCDB (first choice)
4.0 unweighted GPA
Very strong ECs - research heavy


how do I see how much aid i got?

Son accepted!!! Mechanical Engineering.
Checked portal 5:10 PST
UC Unweighted GPA: 4.0
UC Capped Weighted GPA: 4.33
UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.52
School has +/- on grades, school UW GPA 3.95 at application, 3.92 after 1st semester senior year
School has no AP, self-studied and received 4’s on 2 AP’s, signed up for a few more
ELC (top 9% CA HS): probably not (based on counselor)
Did research, volunteering, sports, coached summer soccer camp, clubs, quite some awards in martial arts
In state, San Francisco private high school, no hooks
Accepted at: UCI, UCM, UCR, UCSC, CP SLO, UIUC, UW (Seattle), WPI, for Mech E/Engineering, UCSD for applied math
Deferred at: Georgia Tech, USC
Waitlisted: UCD

I am so happy for him, after waitlisted at UCD, didn’t get his first major at UCSD, rejected by a bunch of elite private colleges including JHU this afternoon.


D23 accepted to Data Theory today!

GPA: unweighted 3.97, weighted 4.44

12 APs, majority STEM with scores of 4,5 mostly, couple 3s (five APs in progress though)

In state Bay Area

Good ECs -
Martial Arts black belt(s)
Club founder for girls welfare
Club president for GWH
Club VP for mental wellness
Won some regional STEM contests
Summer internships during covid and last year (stem related)

Essays: how can I tell? I am a parent and we had no counselor help. To me they looked fine :), without prior experience


Decision: Accepted
Merit scholarships awarded (if any):
Major (and division if applicable) applied to: Linguistics & Computer Science


UC Unweighted GPA: 4.0
UC Capped Weighted GPA: 4.19
UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.76
Homeschooled/mostly DE

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Rejected :confused:

congrats to everyone who got in !

S23 Rejected for CS
In State, Bay Area
No hooks

There are instructions to set up your portal. Work through that and you will get to financial aid.

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Decision: D was Accepted! UCLA was Just after finding out she got accepted to UCI so going crazy here. UCLA was stretch school so over the moon.

Merit scholarships awarded (if any): no info provided
Major (and division if applicable) applied to: BA World Arts & Cultures (she had to do supplementary application for this)

UC Unweighted GPA: 3.89
UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.17
ELC (top 9% CA HS): yes

Number of AP courses: 9

Non-traditional ECs, heavy community-based volunteerism with local school board


State/location of HS: So Cal
Applied for need-based financial aid? Yes
First Generation? No

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waitlisted :frowning:

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Waitlisted at UCLA.

Congratulations future Bruins. I hope to see you all in the fall

Decision: Waitlisted
Major : Computer Science

UC Unweighted GPA: 4.0
UC Capped Weighted GPA: 4.33
UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.65
ELC (top 9% CA HS): Yes
Number of AP courses/exams: 8 - includes AP Calc BC(5), AP CS A(5), AP Computer science Principles (5), AP Physics 1, AP Physics C…
DE: Multi Variable Calculus, Java, C++ at CC
InState/So Cal
EC related to Major, Tennis, Tutoring

Waitlisted Davis. Accepted to UCI,UCSD, SJSU, CPP, and alternate major at UCSC and UCR