UCLA Class of 2027 Official Thread

Accepted for Pre-Statistics! 4.0 UW/4.8 uncapped weighted. In-state at competitive Bay Area high school (public). NMF. Activities included a couple research activities (major-related), president of 3 clubs, school organizing committee, national leadership with YMCA, and some social-justice related volunteering. Can’t objectively rate PIQs but well-reviewed by those who read it. No hooks.


Our Student waitlisted for Economics.

OOS, 4.0UWGPA, guessing 4.5 UC Formula capped GPA. Good essays and ECs. NMF. Does the waitlist in UCLA actually move?

WOW. I am very, very surprised. Waitlisted with very mediocre stats


Really doesn’t make sense, and to a degree its almost disrespectful in my opinion to reject this many in state students when they’re admitting nearly 20% out of state. The efforts we’ve gone to be competitive have been for nothing(so far) and many of us have missed out on the HS experience and the sort of enjoyment and comforts that were supposed to come with it, the rejections have left me with regret on how I spent my time more than anything else.


Yes, check the information here:


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Waitlisted Material Science Engg. :sob:
UC Unweighted GPA: 3.95
UC Weighted GPA: 4.32
UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.5
ELC (top 9% CA HS): Yes

Number of AP courses: 9 + 2Hnrs + 3 CL

State/location of HS: Bay Area Public/Fremont


does anyone know how many people applied v were accepted

hey did anyone accepted get their financial aid letter

4.0/4.9 GPA, #2 in class of ~400
Language immersion student since 1st grade/bilingual diploma
3 sport varsity athlete all four years but light EC’s otherwise
Med tech pathway


Who applied for nursing? And did you get in?

Applied numbers are here: https://ucop.edu/institutional-research-academic-planning/_files/factsheets/2023/table-1.1-freshman-applications-by-campus-and-residency.pdf

Accepted numbers will be posted after they clear the waitlist.

Waitlisted…son really was hoping for UCLA, really bummed for him.

ELC: Yes
EC: Solid - research, shadowing, teaching, nonprofit Club president, Eagle Scout, etc etc.
In state
Accepted: UCSC (CSP), UCD, UCI, UCSD, SLO, Case Western


Son accepted for Chemical engineering!

UC Unweighted GPA: 4.0
UC Capped Weighted GPA: 4.27
UC Fully Weighted GPA: 4.6
ELC (top 9% CA HS): yes

Number of a-g courses: 28 classes
Number of UC Approved Honors courses: 2 UC approved I think? 6 non-UC approved
AP courses/exams (scores in parentheses): 10 AP classes, scores: four 5s, one 4
DE classes: 4

Good PIQs, solid ECs, leadership, and awards but nothing really wow by CC standards
Supplemental/Augmented Review: No

State/location of HS: southern California, large public HS
ACCEPTED: UC-Irvine (honors college), Davis, CPP

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hey did anyone accepted get their financial aid letter

Nope, just logged into portal at 5 pm and got it

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The decision letter says that “UCLA received nearly 146,000 applications this year, making our process exceptionally competitive.”

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This was posted above. You need to setup your admitted student portal first.

i did do that it didn’t show up in my financial aid portal… now I’m worried.

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Accepted out of state for Pre-Mathematics!! :smiley: 3.93 UW and 14 APs/college level courses. My ECs/awards were 3 x USA(J)MO qualifier, research from a selective program, statewide piano awards, leadership positions in 4 clubs, community service around my town, and 3 sports.

Condolences to everyone who was waitlisted/denied. I’m wishing the best news your way.