UCLA Regents' scholarship invitation

My son is trying to transfer to UCLA from another UC. I have heard UC to UC transfers are very hard. He got invited to apply for the Regents’ Scholarship. Does this say anything about his chances of getting accepted? He also got a supplemental questionnaire for UCB. I would love for anyone who knows to please shed a light on this. Thanks!

Regents invite translates to excellent chances for admit.

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Thank you for your reply! That makes me so happy!

Congratulations to your son and best of luck to him.

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Are you sure that was a regents invite and not the alumni scholarship invitation? It seems like the date this was posted, Feb. 11, is the same date that the Alumni Scholarship notice was sent out.


Wait I got my alumni scholarship email on the 22nd? Does that mean anything?

No, almost everyone got that. In past years it was traditionally a strong indicator of admission but not this year it looks like.