UCLA Transfer Waitlist Thread 2021

Hey all, I know Im super late but I was wondering if I could get the code to the discord. The old code is expired. Also, sorry to anyone who say that there was a new comment on the forum and was expecting a result or something LOL

3.87 GPA
EC: speech and debate, student government, PTK, community service
Jobs: literally always working (had 3 jobs one semester including Math tutor and ACCT supplemental instructor)
**wish I could’ve submitted my spring grades bc I got a 4.0 with 17 units :frowning:

UCSB go gauchos

I contacted admissions yesterday and they said most likely the admitted waitlist transfer applicants would be notified in a similar time period as to when the waitlisted freshmen were after their SIR date. In looking at the freshman waitlist thread, they were notified on 5/20 and SIR date for admitted freshmen students was 5/1. So if that is true, we are looking at 6/20 for notices for those on the waitlist. Hopefully they are sooner.


you a real one