**UCSD Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion**

just make sure
is that means i dont need to write any LOCI or supplemental material for UCSD?
Basically what I can do is waiting patiently?

You haven’t read this article I posted recently, it should answer all your questions even though it is not specific for UCSD.

Do you think the UC’s will carry a larger than normal waitlist? We know a few really really high stat kids that have applied to 25 schools! They have applied to some CSU’s and UC’s that there is zero chance they attend. I feel that this year anecdotally the numbers are inflated by similar applicants that will ultimately decline their acceptances to many universities. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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anyone know or think how decisions are made to admit waitlisters?

UC’s do not reveal how applicants are admitted off the waitlist that is why no one can determine their chances. If you read the article I posted The Waitlist. Why? I would recommend you move on as suggested in the article.

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I really hope to get off the waitlist. Any idea the earliest they release decisions and how they make them.

UCSD did start taking students off the waitlist in Late April last year. Each year will vary and last year was not representative of previous years. In general, after May 1 is when most schools will go to their waitlists, but hopefully sooner.

So I got waitlisted at UCSD and I was wondering when decisions usually come out and if I should write a letter of interest and is so what email do I send it too?

@collegewannbe: Please read this article and do not send anything not required for the waitlist.

Hi Gumbymom. I am new to the forum. I’ve been reading it for a month with regards to SLO, UC San Diego & UCSC mainly. My daughter got waitlisted to all 3. I wanted to ask you if colleges or specifically the ones I listed take into account Finances. Meaning, kids getting accepted/off the waitlist, by families paying their own way through as 1 factor that helps? Or do they not look at finances and base acceptance off stats alone? Thank you! PS - This site is amazing and your wisdom is too!

The Cal states and UC’s are need blind meaning they do not take your finances into consideration for admission purposes. They will base the waitlist admits off which spots they need to fill from the waitlist pool.

Do you know if UCSD typically offers Undeclared to those accepted off the waitlist? My son came off the UC Davis waitlist in 2019 and was offered his first choice major (Economics). I’m wondering if UCSD might do the same? Of course our son’s intended major this year at UCSD is CS so maybe that changes things?

In the case of capped majors like CS, usually the waitlisted admits get their alternate major or Undeclared. There are exceptions but not too common.

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@Gumbymom Hi there. I’m a parent of a HS Senior who was Waitlisted from several UC’s (SD, SC & D). She accepted the WL offer for all 3 schools, as she’d chose either of the WL schools over the schools she received acceptances. Question - does each UC operate separately for WL students decisions, or do they collaboratively make decisions? Just wondering if being on 3 waitlists could negatively impact. Thanks in advance for your knowledge.

A student can be on multiple Waitlists and all decisions will be separate. The UC’s do not collaborate regarding admissions.

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Hi Gumbymom,

Apparently there is a big expansion that just opened @ UCSD. The North Torrey Pines Living and Learning. Supposedly, 2,000 beds are being added for undergrads. Will this grow enrollment for the Fall 2021? Thank you!

Will there be any essay? My daughter checked a box. Maybe this year there’s no essay or update?

UCSD discontinued the essay/waitlist statement several years ago.

thank you. I’m surprised. I found some references to essays, but now that you write, they do seem to be older. So, it sounds like there’s nothing more people can do: just submit the request and wait.

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@Gumbymom will it look bad if my D submits a LOCI even if they don’t ask? How do they gauge student interest if every waitlisted student just presses a button?