**UCSD Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion**

me either, i got UCI and SD waitlist

nothing new

anything yet guys?

None here. I accepted ucr instead lol. Since they start sending u internship opportunities, scholarships etc rn. If u wait to long u might not get that many opportunities from ucsd since u receive emails thru ur student email.

Since UCSD is closer to empolyment center for CS, I am wondering if it’s easy to transfer from an engineering major to CS at UCSD?

I am guessing it’s not easy to transfer into a CS major at most places, especially a UC!! just guessing based on what i’ve read in several of these threads on CC (I’m sending my son to UCSC for CS this coming fall so I’ve paid very close attention to anything CS related).

From UCSD website:
Thank you for your interest in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at UC San Diego. The CSE Department does not play a role in any portion of the undergraduate admissions review of applicants. Once a student matriculates at UC San Diego, the only way to change into one of the majors in the CSE Department from another major outside of our department is to go through our CSE Capped Admissions Program (there is no appeal process for changing to a capped major). Please be advised that switching into the CSE major is a highly competitive process and there are no guarantees you would be able to major in CS even after going through the CSE Capped Admissions CSE Capped Admissions Program | Computer Science

It may only be easier since a student is already competitive and has been admitted into a capped major but still going through the process which is a lottery after meeting the requirements still makes it difficult.

The number of applicants doubled since summer 2020, while the available seats reduced to 55 in 2021!

Till you have the summer 2021 data, just looking at that data cannot say for sure whether doubled since 2020. In 2020, majority seem to have applied in Spring and fewer in summer. It is possible students looked at those stats and in 2021 decided that applying in Spring instead of summer was their best bet. But, yes, compared to 2018 and 2019, the applications for capped major change have gone up, although 2019 had a dip compared to 2018.

A student enrolled in Fall 2020, the first chance to try is Spring 2021. 293(348-55) of them were not successful. They will try again in Summer 2021. Add the students who are not yet ready to apply in Spring, Summer 2021 applicants should be way over 300. My bet is 350+. UCSD says the available seat at that time is still 55.

I believe the available seats in 2022 depends on how many admitted CSE students decided not to enroll.

Possible. But also possible that many of these will apply to majors that they may have more chances of getting in (like Math CS instead of CS).

They will probably do that after 2 failures, or change university.
Math CS is mostly Math, belongs to different college. Does not have priority to register CS classes.

any updates to anyone’s admissions or updates if you know notifications are coming soon?


they’re really pushin it, i would assume nothing until mid-june or they’ll just wait until the last week or day of June, hopefully nothing more

Do you think they’ve already filled their freshman class? I’m starting to not be hopeful anymore as schools like UCSB are actively using their waitlist while UCSD is not ;(

Have any UCs closed their waitlist?

not that i’ve of, no

i think some ppl on reddit believe ucsd’s overenrolled, but when i spoke to an ao she said tht they’re really just waiting to see how many students cancel their admission and choose to attend somewhere else cause it mostly happens during the summer as other colleges start using their waitlists as well.

This is a very useful reference @Gumbymom ! Thank you.

Two of the colleges where my son has been waitlisted have not had any waitlist movement - UCSD and Cal Poly (the other two he got admits - UCR & UCSC). I heard from a multiple kid Cal Poly parent that Cal Poly takes students off waitlist very late - near the end of June. What have the patterns been for UCSD historically? Have there been multiple waves or just one or two? Or is there no pattern?

Currently it does seem that with the rise in the number of applicants, that UCSD (and probably others) have already enrolled all they planned to enroll and very less likelihood of waitlists (or probably very few will come off the waitlist).