**UCSD Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion**

No, she can be in multiple waitlists. Each campus is their own entity and do not share waitlist information.

D accepted into UCSD as theatre major and WL at NYU Tisch. If she gets off that WL she’s NYC bound

No, they’ve always been short of housing, and, typically only freshman have been guaranteed housing.

My son was waitlisted for aerospace engineering. Do most engineering students that get off the waitlist also go in undeclared, or will he possibly get an alternate like mechanical engineering?

I would advise not to as that is the policy of UCSD

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@Sueco: It is always possible to get into the first choice major from the waitlist but not probable. Also, UCSD specifically states to select an non-capped major (ME is also a capped major) as an alternate so Undeclared might be the only option.

I am mother of high school senior. He is a Mechanical Engineering major.
Was accepted to CalPoly, SDSU, CS Northridge, CSLB, UCMerced and waitlisted at UCSD.
We have talked to an admission counselor, nothing you do can “help” your case meaning LOCI or bugging them every day.
He probably will take the SDSU SIR but hoping the waitlist does come through.
Anyone have any advice on these campuses? I really do think the essays do make or break you.
Ill take any advice

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which Cal Poly did he get into?

Pomona and SLO

Oh, well I’d be taking SLO for sure!!! That’s a big accomplishment getting in there!!!

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@BravoBoys3, I agree with tnursemom that SLO would seem the best choice. Here are this year’s admissions stats for Mechanical Engineering (found the table in news article published today and typed “mechanical” in search box):

Admit rate is likely 3 times higher than the 7% to account for yield, but still very selective!


Where did you find that information on admit for SLO?

Here is the link to the news story:


Today’s article “What are the 10 hardest majors to get into at Cal Poly?” is actually a rehash of another article published about 10 days ago “How tough is it to get into Cal Poly? One major has room for only 2% of its applicants”:


The interactive search box by major is in the 2nd article.

The articles are accessible to subscribers only–let me know if you have a particular major in mind and I can search for you. We can take it offline since this is a UCSD thread.

Below is the Top Ten summary from today’s article–keep in mind the % below is not an admit rate. Admit rate is likely at least 3X higher to account for yield:

Psychology: 3,222 applicants, 66 spaces available, 2%
Computer science: 5,838 applicants, 205 spaces available, 4%
Biological sciences: 4,298 applicants, 160 spaces available, 4%
Kinesiology: 1,419 applicants, 60 spaces available, 4%
Marine sciences: 587 applicants, 25 spaces available, 4%
Aerospace engineering: 1,818 applicants, 80 spaces available, 4%
Software engineering: 531 applicants, 25 spaces available, 5%
Political science: 1,572 applicants, 77 spaces available, 5%
Biomedical engineering: 1,802 applicants, 96 spaces available, 5%
Biochemistry: 1,169 applicants, 65 spaces available, 6%


If you’re interested in career outcomes–there are data compiled on Dept. of Education’s website–I searched for Mech. Eng. for SLO, UCSD and SDSU:

UCSD data were spread over different headers–see cut-and-paste below for one subset of data:

SDSU data subset cut-and-paste:

There are many interesting statistics published by school by major at the DOE website:

You can see above that SLO’s ME dept. has more graduates than UCSD and likely attract more recruiters. Also SLO’s motto of “Learning by Doing” would really stand out for such a major as ME since labs are integrated into the classrooms.


this is an awesome visual for my son. Thank you. He does worry about the potential for employment based on his graduating school

Does anyone know if I have ruined my chances of getting off the waitlist if I didn’t sign up to take one of my AP tests? I am taking 4 APs but decided to take only 3 exams. I’m actually doing quite well and getting an A. I decided not to take the AP Bio exam because I didn’t want to skip any bio courses in college since I am applying as a bioengineering major. Now I am panicking that I messed up somehow.

AP exams are not required for admission. Nothing to worry about.

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Hi and thank you for all your helpful information. This is my first post, so bear with me if I mess it up! My son is accepted at USC and various other schools, but on the waitlist for UCSD. The cost difference for us is exponential. It appears that we won’t hear from UCSD before the May 1 commit date, but we have been told by a friend who’s a college counselor that we should email UCSD admissions that this is our son’s top choice school, and why. She assures us this makes a difference. This is contrary to what I’ve heard all along and I’m concerned this could harm his chances. Do you have an opinion as to whether substantive outreach with new information is welcomed by Admissions, or could it actually hurt his chances? Thanks for any input!

If UCSD wanted additional materials to be sent for their waitlist review, they would have stated so when you opted in. UCSD does not consider an applicant’s level of interest according to their common dataset.

Unless something has changed this year, sending additional documents will not be reviewed.


so would emailing them hurt our chances