**UCSD Class of 2025 Waitlist Discussion**

You are so lucky. Could you tell me your major? How about your GPA? Maybe I know if I have a chance. Thanks!

thank you! also yeah np; my major was undeclared in letters and sciences and my GPA is 3.96 unweighted, i hope you can get in too!

Thank so much! Such a high GPA. Is you major undeclared when you apply to UCSB or they give this major offer for off to waiting list?

No problem, and thank you too! And yeah when I applied I went as undeclared

Hello, I called UCSD today about the waitlist. I talked with the undergrad admission. They said it might take until July to contact people. Anyone has any updates?

oh my god. so no news until july?

I hope this isn’t true. =( I’ll keep hope that it will be sooner since they just did a small wave recently. This is torture.

the original poster just meant that some people might have to wait until july to hear their final decision, but they should start releasing decisions in the next couple of weeks. they come out in waves so the last wave will be in july according to the admissions office they talked to.


thank you for the clarification

Thank you, Jazzyginny & Myedu. Good luck to all.

When you called did you provide any quick info about your self like this is your top college. Or just called to get info?

UCSD doesn’t consider an applicant’s level of interest

Not sure if this has been asked yet, but when do UCs send out stats for regular acceptances?

After the admissions cycle has ended. We won’t see anything while we’re waiting because those stats include any applicants who were accepted from the waitlist

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Both UC Riverside and Merced have extended the SIR to May15/17.
Hope that UC San Diego does not extend the SIR … otherwise it would delay the waitlist process I think.

Not sure how extending would really help. Whoever planning to accept would have done so anyway - as other universities deadline was May 1 or 3.

has anyone had any updates to their application? :slight_smile:

okay guys so i called the application center, and the rep said that all final decisions should be by june 1st, and she also said that the people on the waitlist are picked at random! so whoever gets chosen, its supposedly randomized which i didnt know AHH.

Frankly - that’s how the entire application season feels like - a random lottery.

I’m confident that it’s not though and the Tier 1 agent you spoke with has no real knowledge on decisions coming off the waitlist.


Has anyone heard anything yet on any decisions being released another wave? Based on last year does anyone know generally when it should come out?