UCSD Waitlist Issue (Admitted)

So yesterday I got off the waitlist for UCSD and I’m planning on attending. However, when I try to accept my offer, a yellow box appears saying “Please complete California Residency for Tuition Purposes and/or Review Contract for Maintaining Admissions.” I’ve already completed both and it’s essentially not letting me accept my offer. I don’t know what to do.

You need to call the admission office.

This is happening to me too… gonna have to wait until Monday to call the admissions office

@jorden0715 Guess you will have to wait till Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. Must be very frustrating.

Im kind of stressed out I’m hoping they didn’t make a mistake and admitted me off the waitlist by accident hahaha

Daughter just got offered admission off waitlist on 5/25. She was admitted to Roosevelt College which was not her first choice, and I hear you can’t change colleges for the first 2 quarters, and even then, it may be difficult.

@CalifMom2Twins: Yes very difficult to switch Residential colleges unless she knows a student that wants to do an exchange from another college.

@Gumbymom- All of the colleges have different GE requirements. If you don’t like the one you were put into, it seems you are kind of stuck. Frustrating.

Correct ^^^

Daughter switched her SIR from UCSC to UCSD.

@CalifMom2Twins Congratulations to your daughter on her acceptance. My son (a recent graduate of UCSD) loves the campus and loves attending the great theatre performances there.

Admitted to UCSD on April 26th. I denied my acceptance on May 3rd, and will be waiting for UCSB. If I’m not admitted I will stay at CSULB. Also was accepted to UCI on May 31st will be denying that acceptance in the next few minutes. Good luck everyone!

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