UGA 2025 Regular Decison

Forum for those who applied to UGA in the regular decision application pool (or got deferred)!!

If you get in on Friday the 12th (wave one), please feel free to share your stats!

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Is the February wave mostly RD applicants?

From what I understand, the February wave is essentially those who applied regular, but would have gotten in early had they applied EA. So I believe it will be most or all RD applicants.

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I believe it’s a small group of RD that qualify alone on academics followed by the more holistic reviews in March. Going to be a strong group when they have deferred EA students with 4.0UW GPA’s and lots of AP’s.


There are some EA kids that get in but very few and usually those who have an additional test score reported. My oldest had a friend who got in during the early Feb wave with no additions other than fall grades but he had great scores and my guess is they wanted to see how he would do in his fall APs.

I imagine it was a safety school for a good number of EA applicants so hopefully it will open up lots of spots in March.

The way I have seen admissions going this year it may be those who had it as a safety will choose UGA. This seems to be a very competitive year.

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I hope so. UGA has a weird weighting system that doesn’t favor some students. A good way to weed out a lot of people though.

does anyone have any ideas on timing for the release of the first wave decisions tomorrow?

Probably around 4-ish like usual.

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Good luck to everyone! If you happen to get a decision tomorrow, I’ve created a poll.

march gang!

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Good luck to all for today! Hopefully some will get good news.

Does anyone still see the option to withdraw application?

I do not

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Good luck, everyone!!

I don’t have it either

Maybe it’s withdrawn from everyone due to the application deadline being passed.