UGA 2025 Regular Decison

David Graves said he does not have the breakdown by in-state vs OOS. I’m interested in this as well!

My daughter got an email yesterday or today from UGA about in-person tours now being offered.

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Thanks. I keep reminding my kid to check his emails but hadn’t heard about that. Did it go to her regular email or did it go to her uga email? My son has not committed yet so not sure he has one of those.

Regular email… My D hasn’t committed either.

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Thanks. Plenty of times and all dates available. We got one scheduled.


Are the tours only for admitted students? I would love to add UGA to our spring break tour list, but I am not seeing any information on the their web site.


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Has anyone heard of any accepted students deciding not to accept their spot? Have any students on the waitlist decided not to accept their spot? I’m trying to gauge if the waitlist will even be used this year with such a large accepted pool.

All but one family we are close to used UGA as a safety and have all declined.

I was accepted but I will not be taking my spot.

It is very interesting how various schools approach yield. UGA took 2000 more kids than last year with a small waitlist. Georgia Tech took 100 more kids with a huge waitlist. UVA took a few more kids with a moderate sized waitlist. My son got in UGA early and is waitlisted at Georgia Tech and UVA. My guess is those latter two have better waitlist odds than UGA because they didn’t increase their admissions by that much but who knows.

As far as UGA being used as a safety and those people declining, that happens every year so my expectation is that is factored in. There may be more kids who used it as a safety this year that may end up going there. We know a lot of kids in that boat.

I think the accurate answer is no one knows, including the admission office.


And I say UGA has a small waitlist but I don’t know how the 1900 offered the waitlist compares to prior years. It is small compared to the other two schools. Also I have heard of a lot of kids on multiple waitlists (or waiting list as UVA calls it :slightly_smiling_face:) so that could be a factor as waitlists seem to be an integral part of some schools admissions policy this year.

I will probably have my daughter turn her spot down this weekend.

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I want to wait until all my decisions/ financial aid packages come out but chances are that I won’t accept

Son accepted. Go Dawgs!
Great EC & Service

We received his financial aid offer but are curious about merit $. Can someone tell us where that is listed or how we’d be notified if awarded? Since we don’t know, I’m guessing he didn’t get any? Thoughts?


According to the UGA admissions blog (which is excellent), almost all merit aid is out. Merit will wind up by early April at the latest.


I know several from oos Texas who are not accepting their spots. At least 5 from our high school just as ones I know about. But I don’t think this should matter… read what Graves tweeted from another counselor about wait list. Every time someone comes off it’s to fill a spot where there’s a hole, whether it’s intended major, state or something else. But yes there will be many.

Does anyone know the OOS acceptance rate for UGA?

UGA does not consider residency in admission decisions

Can you let me know where you found that info?