UGA 2025 Regular Decison

Last year it was like 53% for in-state and 40% for OOS. Don’t think the acceptance rate was quite as high as normal this year though.

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Overall admit rate this year was 38 percent. UGA does not consider state residency in their determination. I guess there may be a different acceptance rate based on number of applications, but it is not “harder“ to get into UGA out of state because they review every application without looking at state residency. However, the admission department has said that overall the in-state pool is stronger than the out of state pool because many people who apply to UGA out of state don’t realize how competitive it is


It’s hard to believe that state residency is not taken into consideration given that ~85% of the students are in-state. If the OOS acceptance rate isn’t much lower than in-state, that would also mean that only ~15% of applications are from OOS?

I think the difference in percentages is explained at least according to the admissions office by the much higher quality of in-state applications as a whole.

The UGA admissions blog has addressed this multiple times and repeatedly says that residency is not a factor in admissions. They are incredibly transparent and I have no reason to believe that what they say is not true. They did mention this year with a handful of applications they did consider residency due to the increase in out-of-state numbers. This may be the trend going forward but until this year it is never been considered.

This is also why they publish one admissions rate versus publishing separate in-state and out-of-state rates like other schools.

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The out of state acceptance percentage is probably lower just due to sheer volume but there are also a much larger number of applications that are not academically competitive in that pool. At least that is what the UGA admissions office has said

Does anyone heavily predict UGA having to use their waitlist this year?

Hard to tell. They accepted 2000 more students this year than they did last year and last year numbers were higher also I think. Contrast this with GeorgiaTech who accepted 100 more kids this year. My guess would be that Georgia Tech is more likely to go to the waitlist and they already have but who knows what the implication for UGA is. This is a crazy year

Very crazy year, I agree. From what I’ve seen on Mr. Graves’s blog posts their need to go back to the waitlist varies so much by year. I’m not sure how adding common app will affect UGA’s yield either.
I was very torn between VT and Clemson after getting waitlisted by UGA but couldn’t fathom the amount of debt I’d have to deal with post-grad. I’ve committed to a smaller school in GA in hopes of transferring into UGA or another school after a few years. But I’m still definitely praying to get off the waitlist :crossed_fingers:


Same Im looking at Howard and GSU and would not mind getting off the UGA WL as it will be my cheapest option.

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I agree that adding the common app made a huge difference in the number of OOS applications this year. If that trend continues, UGA may start taking state of residency into consideration (by choice or legislative mandate). But based on their long track record of transparency (David Graves blog), I have no doubt that will be clearly communicated.

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By miracle, I got off UGA’s waitlist. GO DAWGS!!!


AWESOME! congrats!

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Congrats! But a while ago, didn’t you say you wouldn’t be accepting a waitlist spot from UGA?

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I Didnt get off im just gonna withdraw I have been waiting since October its so unfair

Thank you both! And yes, but a lot happened in between. I thought that it was a sign to not accept it because UGA deferred and waitlisted me. Getting waitlisted was not the end of the world for me though because Clemson and VT were also really high up there. I was very close to committing to one of those two. However, my parents and I did not talk about finances together until late March and they convinced me to not give up yet. I was told a different thing all of high school about finances (when it comes to college) but that shifted and I needed to think it over. I began to accept that the debt I’d put myself in at VT or Clemson was not worth it because of my career path (everyone is different though).

Sounds like a good discussion between you and your parents! Congratulations!

I’m sorry I know that’s such an awful feeling but I would not give up yet. They continue their waitlist process for awhile. If it does not work out in the end I’m sure you’ll still be super successful in the end. Transferring is also an option too

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