I have read that UGA EA is typically for high stats students only. I’ve read that this year they are reviewing applications in a holistic manner for EA, but have also read that there is simply not enough time for that. My GPA, rank and rigor are high with a semi low (1200) SAT score. I am worried that I won’t get in. Does anyone know any more?

I have a decent SAT 1460 and ACT of 35, but my GPA ain’t great. I did take the hardest classes with 12 APs, but I’m not sure my test scores will get me in at all. Based on a conversation with one of the Admissions people who came to my HS, I think they go through these things really fast. So, don’t sweat it. I’m OOS. I really think that your GPA means more than my 35. Frustrating for me, but that’s JMO.

Told us visit that they really only take top stats in EA and defer most others for more holistic review. No way they could look through all those application in 4 or 5 weeks

ugh okay, thank you!!

what are top stats though? my daughter has a 34 ACT and a 4.27 weighted GPA (recalculated to UGA standards)

@UpstateSCmom Your daughter’s stats are very good. If you go by the Common Data Set for the Freshmen who started in 2018, the upper quartile of the ACT was 32. Also, the average for the Freshmen who started in 2019 is on UGA’s website and shows it as an ACT of 31, so it might have gone up. I doubt it’s at 34 now. Last year’s average SAT for all Freshmen was 1395 according to the website. So, I would think a 34 ACT and something north of 1450 SAT would put you in pretty good shape.

Thank you! Only a few more days until we find out. She already got admitted to USC and Texas A&M but UGA would be very important to her.

@UpstateSCmom i think your daughter has a great chance
Her ACT is up there and not sure what GPA they would look for but if she doesn’t get in EA I’m sure she will RD. Let us know the results . I don’t think my son has a shot at EA but may be borderline for RD. He really wants USC so hope,to get that answer in a few weeks

@UpstateSCmom If your school has Naviance, you can see how kids w/similar stats last year from your school did w/UGA. I’ve learned from Naviance that some HSs have an extra advantage w/certain colleges. This may be more w/private universities and not state schools or it may be accurate w/certain HSs and OOS state schools. JMO.

Naviance has given me a better idea. My HS counselor told me that my high ACT/SAT but less than perfect GPA works better w/some colleges than others based on which colleges have a longer/stronger history w/my HS.

Thank you! I will keep you updated. Should find out on the 22nd. She will be very disappointed if they reject her, I feel. Good luck to you son! I don’t know his stats and if USC is in-state or OOS for y’all but chances to get into USC are quite good with decent grades and scores. It is in-state for us and was her safety (stats-wise and financially). I am glad she got that, will let us breath to know she got a yes from USC.

Interesting! I had no idea. I will tell her to check that one out. Thank you!

We are OOS and my daughter’s school has only had 8-10 or so applicants in the past three years. According to Naviance all have been declined! My DD’s stats are higher than all but not that high. Crossing fingers.

@3toLaunch My HS’s Naviance shows a fairly reasonable number of UGA admits. While my test scores are higher than those admitted, my GPA is definitely lower. So, I don’t think I’ll make it. However, if your daughter’s stats are over the top quartile for scores based on last year’s profile or the Common Data Set, then your daughter should be fine. JMO

Chance Me

Instate, Male
UGA GPA: 3.96
SAT: 1500
Extracurriculars: Chess Player (won regional championships and many tournaments), Model UN, Youth in Government, Ran a Chess Team.

@stocks Don’t be obnoxious. Obviously, if you’re in-state with those stats and ECs, you’ll be accepted.

@UpstateSCmom We are OOS so probably wont hear from USC for a few more weeks. It has become A very popular school in my area. My son has 1330 SAT and roughly 3.95 GPA W so I hope that will be enough He also has a lot of EC sports captain, work, volunteering etc. Good luck tomorrow and let us know

Actually from what I have heard, in state stats are supposed to be very high, maybe even higher than OOS. Just saying…

Thanks a lot! I do believe his stats are up there to get into USC for sure. But you might have to be a little patient. It looks like they have only admitted in-state kids so far and not too many either. In my daughters school it was mostly the top of the class that applied EA there. Good luck to your son as well!

SlimJim001 - Actually my guess is that person (stocks) will deferred and then in for regular decision. A friends son in state was in the same boat but with higher test scores and was deferred for EA. A 3.9 UGA GPA is on the low end for EA admission. It also depends where stocks is from - rural Georgia is different from Atlanta and the burbs.

@UVAmom23 I think I just glanced at the 3.96 and thought it was totally unweighted. His SAT is very good.