UGA Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admission

Why is there no Regular Decision Class of 2026 thread for UGA? Early Action notifications were released in October. Creating one here if anyone is interested.


D applied December 15th. Took SAT one last time so was not able to meet EA deadline. Expected decision mid-March.

My D applied in Nov. Received an acceptance into the dance program after a live audition. Now awaiting an academic decision.

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D22 is OOS (Texas) and applied regular decision. We visited campus (self-guided) in October 2020. It was a rainy Sunday after a home football game. As much as the weather would allow, we went around the campus, had lunch, and drove around Athens. Despite this limited visit, she consistently maintains that UGA is her top choice.

Her stats are within range of those posted on UGA’s website, but she falls right in the middle. She is what I would call an “average excellent student”. I do not have a strong opinion as to whether she will be admitted or not.

Waiting until mid-March will be tough!


No clue - but my daughter was above on GPA, a 32 ACT which wasn’t the highest and got in EA and into the Honors College later.

According to their website, EA does not have an advantage over RD- like it does at many colleges so that’s in your favor. Being from OOS doesn’t hurt either I know - they don’t look at geography - so another plus.

I think if you’re in the middle of the ranges and have solid ECs and essay, while it’s not a guarantee, hopefully it’s above 50%.

The waiting is tough - but it comes soon enough - and hopefully in the meantime she’s getting other acceptances.

How did you go around the campus? All I remember from being there was three thingss:

  1. How huge it is - the dorms are far away.
  2. I loved how the football stadium is wedged right in the middle. How they did that was pretty fantastic.
  3. They have an urban outfitters - I didn’t know it but apparently that was a requirement for my daughter - although she didn’t like Athens.

Good luck.

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Thanks. For such a popular school (even more so now after National Championship) was surprised that there wasn’t a thread for RD. There obviously a lot of us whose children did not apply EA. Good luck to everyone!

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We parked in a parking garage by the student union and walked briefly around that immediate area (which is right by the football stadium) and tried to stay out of the rain as much as possible. The rest of the time was spent driving through campus and around town. We were able to eat at a restaurant close to campus which we both enjoyed. Whatever it was, she has had UGA on her mind since then. That particular trip was coupled with a trip to Auburn where she has already been accepted.

She is a little below on her ACT but a little above on her GPA. She is a full IB Diploma student at a large high school, so perhaps that will help with course rigor (???). As stated in my previous post, I do not have a strong feeling either way about her chances.

She does not seem to be overly anxious about waiting until mid-March. As a parent, I am ready to know all our options, so we can make plans moving forward as a family.

Did she like auburn

We’ll each day is one less. It’s nice to have that in the bag. Good luck to her.

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She really liked Auburn…I did, too. We were able to take a tour there.

UGA seemed a lot bigger and busier…even on a weekend. There is no doubt that UGA has much to offer, and the school seems to continue on an upward trajectory with its reputation. The Athens vibe made an impression on her, as well.

If she does manage to get accepted and is still interested in attending, I am going to insist that she go back and do an official tour and spend some actual time there before committing.

Auburn is nice, but quieter. Everyone loves Athens - we didn’t for whatever reason. Yes, the school is massive - like Va Tech. The dorms at UGA all seemed a bus ride away - you might look into that if you go back - that was a concern.

My daughter liked UGA so applied - but when we started to narrow down, it was one of the first she removed - guess she didn’t like it that much.

She goes to an in city school (Charleston) so I’m sure it wouldn’t have been right.

You are right - it’s a fine school and I don’t know if the rep is getting better - that’s more a ranking or CC thing - but it’s selectivity certainly is.

The good news - kids don’t realize it - but they can have a wonderful experience, probably at hundreds of colleges…just like many go to their dream school and transfer out.

So she’ll be fine wherever…


Is anyone sending mid-year grades even if not requested? UGA deadline for that is Feb 1 but my daughter’s school doesn’t release until early February.

Definitely send them if they are helpful. She can upload them onto the portal herself. They don’t need an official transcript unless she is admitted and enrolls. The most recent UGA Admissions blog addressed this in the answer section.

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Definitely depends which dorms. There are a whole crop of freshman dorms very centrally located across from North Campus and the business school. My freshman lives in one and walks to all his classes.

Good to know. We didn’t see those. Just the Honors dorms and those towers on the fringe of campus. Unfortunately we had to self tour.

Just an FYI if helpful for those that might have been deferred EA - my daughter was also deferred in EA in the academic year 2017/2018. She ended up being accepted in mid-March of 2018 in the regular decision round. I think it was around the 16th or 17th, but it was close to spring break. She also was awarded a scholarship as we are OOS. We were happily surprised and I don’t know how common that is, and of course it’s a different world now, but I guess it shows that anything is possible. She’s a current senior there and loves it.


ok thanks!

Kind note - thanks.

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Mid March seems like a late notice to find out if admitted students day is March 28th? It does not give much time to plan for OOS kids.


We didn’t go to the admitted students day events as we had done tours previously. But you’re correct - that is a quick turnaround if you just get admitted.

It is coming out March 18.

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