UIUC Class of 2026 Discussion

It’s funny when I went to school no one wanted to live in ISR it was six pack or bust…. Those were historically not very fun places to live as I recall

Yeah six pack was the party spot. Amazing how nice dorms are now compared to our day.

Not sure it’s considered the “fun” place now either. The six pack and Bromley still tend to be your known as the fun dorms. Very social. But you can find fun anywhere if you look.

Hi, any indian students in this group? I heard
In india getting f1 visa slot is bit difficult. Any one help me out?

Are anyone appllied n waiting for slot pl let me know

hi, can anyone help me with housing and dining plan?

Maybe I’m too late for asking this but…

Have everyone got their Financial Aid package? I didn’t get one but there’s nothing on the Scholarship Letter section and on the Financial Aid Summary section, it says “You have not been awarded financial aid for 2022-2023.” meaning I didn’t get any?

I’m not sure we submitted FAFSA and got some or many at other colleges, but nothing from UIUC then? Please help! Thank you.

UIUC awards minimal merit aid. Your interpretation of what you saw in the Financial Aid Summary section is likely correct.


hi all! im sure you are tired of getting these questions but i was wondering if anyone could shed a little light on the “changing majors” process at uiuc? D22 was admitted into LAS for biology but is not set on premed anymore… might want to change to cs/data science/econ which i know are popular majors at uiuc. any information on the process would be helpful!

No chance of changing majors to CS unless perhaps a CS + X major. Don’t know much about econ or DS but I would assume a decent chance.

It is no longer possible to transfer into Grainger’s CS major:

For students admitted to the University of Illinois as Freshmen, Fall 2022 and thereafter, the Computer Science Major in the Grainger College of Engineering is CLOSED to on-campus transfer (ICT/IDT).

Transferring into CS+X or CS+Math/Stats is not impossible, but still sounds difficult.

We’re planning on submitting the housing contract next week or so. Is the meal plan selected during this step?
I found these are the baseline rates for double occupancy with AC:
(Meal Plan Only Rates 2021-2022, University Housing at the University of Illinois)
Room & All Classic Meals $13,118
Room & 10 Classic Meals + 45 Dining Dollars $12,720
Room & 12 Classic Meals + 15 Dining Dollars $11,978

Interesting how the 10 meal+45 plan is so much more expensive than 12 meals+15 plan.
It basically looks like they are trying to steer people away from choosing the 10 meal plan.
On the other hand, the unlimited plan is not terribly more expensive over the 10 meal+45 plan.

I am not sure that a lot of students really eat all their meals in dining halls - they will probably want a change on the weekends. However, the unlimited plan is also a better deal financially. How is your family planning this?

Can anyone access the meal plan page on the housing contract as mine just refreshes the page… Where do we select it?

I think meal plan selection comes later during the randomly assigned timeslot in May/June…

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Is there any separate thread for students going to UIUC from San Francisco - Bay area (California)? My son is looking for a roommate

There is usually quite a few. I may have a suggestion for you in a week’s time. lol

Sounds good. Thanks.

Are you unable to see the threads fur UIUC? They don’t hide them anywhere.

Does your son require a roommate from the San Francisco - Bay Area?

Question - class registration appointments with counselor - is that accessible after May 1st?

They said it opens on May 2nd Monday. Do you know how intense are the placement test for Math, Physics and Chemistry? Do they have to brush up on Calc BC contents for the Math placement?