UIUC Class of 2026 Discussion

Preferable but not necessarily from Bay area.

Math placement (Aleks PPL) test is algebra through preCalc only.

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Thanks! How about Physics and Chemistry? Is it AP level or just high school level? My daughter is out of touch with the AP Chemistry contents she completed last year and wondering how much time should she give to review the contents.

I already booked mine… maybe two weeks ago. Appointments start on June 8th.

Why? (out of morbid curiosity)

If I were to guess, finding someone from the same area gives potential roommates an opportunity to meet in person and see if they click. And the parents get to have another group of parents close by who can provide an expanded support system.

Let the kids figure it all out and talk with other students and figure potential rooming together/go random The earlier they take charge, the better it is for them.


Agreed. Not stating which way is better. Just presenting a scenario where someone might be focused on roommates from a specific area.

S22 wants to basically leave things up to the random matching process.

Is there anyone’s daughter looking for a roommate in Honors LLC in ISR (either James scholar or Campus honors)? Please DM me. We are from the Bay area. My daughter will be doing computer science in Grainger.

Yes, that is the main reason.

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Has anyone’s student successfully taken the science placement tests? Mine tried to take chemistry today, but couldn’t get it to work. He thinks it might be an issue with Chrome, but I vaguely recall hearing it might not open until later in May.

I recall reading as well that it opens in May.

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According to the myillini website:

The Placement section will be available on May 2.

Thank you. Thought I saw that at some point, but could not find it again and he thought they said May 1 at the presentation he attended. I am happy he is on top of it and trying to take them as soon as possible.

I was placed on the waitlist for MechE, when am I likely to hear back from them?

You are unlikely to hear back, as I doubt there will be much waitlist movement in Grainger. If there is waitlist movement it can extend well into the summer. At some point most schools send a message that the waitlist is closed. Hopefully you are excited to attend the school you deposited at. Good luck.

Current students/parents - did you rent vs buy fridge/microwave during freshman year residence hall? If they moved out of residence hall into an apartment in later years, are the appliances typically provided by most apartments? If yes, then buying the appliances now means having to store (or sell/giveaway) at the end of school year.

For our middle child, we did purchase one and she was in the dorms during her sophomore year. All apartments in UIUC have a full size fridge. This fall, our youngest is headed to UIUC and will use the mini fridge!

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Many apartments come fully furnished- all furniture, etc. at UIUC. Apartments are plentiful and pretty nice.

any idea on meal plans?