UMD Early Action Class of 2025

Hello! This is a forum for those applying EA for the University of Maryland, College Park. Ask questions and add decisions as they come in:



Good luck everyone!

Does anyone know when the decisions will be out?

Feb 1st

The language was “by February 1st” so it could be anytime between now and February 1st (though I would guess probably in the last two weeks of the month) Not sure what they have done historically - not paying that close attention but good luck to everyone!

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Is RD makes sense for LEP programs like CS ? Or will those direct admits will be all filled with EA ?

I keep hearing Friday 1/29 at 4pm but who really knows :woman_shrugging:

Does anyone know when the release financial aid and merit scholarships?

Testudo was out today. Check Twitter.
I think you are correct about tomorrow

Scholarship info will come out in February. Not sure about Financial Aid, but probably the same time.

Thanks! I got worried because I saw somewhere it wouldn’t be released until April. Any idea when in February or is it hard to predict? (Is it a couple weeks after like Michigan?)

@ArandaD - I think they’ll come out mid-February.

Great, thanks!

GPA: UW 3.49 W 3.88
ACT/SAT: Test Optional
Decision/Major: Accepted, English & Literature
In-state high school school, out of state residence

DS Accepted to Smith Business School
GPA: 3.83 (UW) and 4.3 W
SAT: 1450
Lots of EC’s, 4 years 2 varsity sports, volunteering with leadership
Part Time Job
OOS public competitive high school

My D just learnt her acceptance into Neuroscience program
GPA: 3.86
SAT: 1400
OOS, private school

Did anyone get scholarship info?

No scholarship info. Hopefully, it will come later.

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Does anyone know what Carlton communities is?

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Hi just got accepted!
3.88 UW, 5.52 W
1430 SAT
APS: Psych (5), World (5), APUSH (5), English Lang (5), APES (4). Taking four more this year.
Decent ECs and three honor societies

It also says I got into the FIRE Research program- does anyone know what that is/if its selective? I’ve never heard of it


Does anyone know if Honors college invitation comes out with acceptance or at a later time?