University of Maryland College Park (UMD) Early Action for Fall 2024

This thread is for all early action applicants to The University of Maryland - College Park.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2024 admissions is November 1, 2023 and applicants should receive an admissions decision by February 1, 2024.

See updates and discuss results with other UMD applicants.

Are you planning to apply early to UMD? Why UMD ? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.


Here’s a question (I hope this is relevant)–does anyone know how likely it is for a test-optional OOS applicant (who has great essay, stats, ECs etc.) to be admitted EA to Maryland? I feel like Maryland is pretty tough on OOS.


I am re-posting this in the proper thread

It appears that starting in the FALL of 2024 (not this Fall) UMD will be imposing new requirements on transferring from L&S to CS.

The following link gives some info and discussion on that. I have no other info that I can add.


Can’t answer but 55% of enrollees submitted tests and they rank the test as “considered” which is two notches below the highest and one above doesn’t count. UMD is open about they look at 24 different things.

Residency status is one of them.

Both my kids got into UMD OOS - both with near straight As, about 10 APs and a dual enrollment. One had a 34 into engineering and the other a 32.

In 2020, UMCP OOS acceptance rate was 54%. In 2021, 41%. In 2022, 33%.

The overall admit rate was 51% in 2020, 40.5% in 2021 and 34.3% in 2022 - so mostly comparable. There are articles that show UMD, like other schools, is actually giving preference to OOS to help raise revenues.

I would say UMD is a tough get - pure and simple - whether you’re from Maryland or Minnesota.

I don’t know your stats - but - if you don’t try, I do know you can’t get in.

You can’t control where you live - but control what you can. Apply EA. Good luck.

apps_ug.pdf (

USM Data Journals - Out of State Undergraduate Applications for First Time Admission by Institution report for University of Maryland, College Park- USM IRIS

To be clear: that’s the overall acceptance rate across all majors. Acceptance rates for highly competitive majors (like CS) are a lot lower.

Direct admit to CS was in the low 20s for Fall 2022 (and will likely be less for 2023 and 2024).

Admissions is holistic based on 24 factors. So not as stats based as one might expect at other public flagships. Even more holistic for honors/scholars and merit scholarships.


No worries! My child is interested in Psych. :grinning:

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Yes OP didn’t specify. But CS, engineering, and business are likely tougher.

And they have impacted majors, including psych, which could make it harder.

If the student has stats in the hemisphere, they can try. The worst that can happen is they don’t get in. That’s why you have a balanced list. Good luck to OP.

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Will be tougher. Sorry. Impacted major.

What are their stats ?

Why UMD - lots of great large publics out there. Hopefully UMD but if not I’m sure they’ll have similar options.

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She’s applying to a handful of Top 50-100 flagships (including our own), as well as other kinds of schools. We’re hunting merit aid, and with the way our savings and her stats work, a modest merit aid or tuition waiver at several of the flagships could make them feasible (in a way that the private schools will only be if they offer 1/2 tuition off). I don’t necessarily expect a price break at UMD–but it would be a great option if it worked out.

Yes if you’re hunting merit UMD shouldn’t be on the list. Unless it makes budget on its own.

What are the stats and budget?

You may got more than modest depending on the stats.

Btw 50-100 means little. There’s no difference between say a #55 Rutgers, a #77 Clemson, a #89 Delaware, # 105 Arizona, #127 Oklahoma, #137 Alabama, UCF, and Kentucky and I can keep going.

If you want merit, decide what’s important - location, size, weather - but rank shouldn’t be a factor - not at that level of school.

It’s to sell magazines but no one would care about any of those schools and more vs the next.

Good luck.

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Budget is max 50K a year including tuition and R&B
4.0/4.3 GPA
Scored 5s on four AP tests so far. Is enrolled in 5 more AP courses for senior year.
Is a multiple national dance scholarship winner and has trained at elite level
Is a creative writing state-level winner (therefore essays are good)
other ECs too incl. a lot of school government/leadership
SAT is 1360 and will be sent to schools for which it is at or above 50% of admitted students’ scores
Does not come from overrepresented East or West coast areas

P.S. Maryland is closer to us than some other options :slight_smile:

Yes, maybe a separate match me would be better.
This thread is for all 2024 UMD applicants.

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Please make sure to join the UMD Prospective Parent group for the class of 2028. There is a staff member in the group from the CS Dept who is very helpful: University of Maryland Class of 2028 - Parents | Facebook

Please make sure to answer all the membership questions so you can be admitted quickly.

Good luck to all.

When we went to their CS info session, they actually mentioned they were considering changing it so that it would be “easier” to get into CS directly at the front, but then difficult to transfer later from L&S. There seemed to be approvals that needed to happen before applications opened in order to implement by 2024 so I guess those approvals happened.

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I mentioned below but when we went to their CS info session this summer, they mentioned they were considering changing it so that it would be “easier” to get into CS directly at the front, but then difficult to transfer later from L&S.

They also noted it’s hard to get into CS from OOS because they get a lot more applications from OOS in terms of numbers. I think I heard that right.

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Hi–The short answers on the common app say 650 characters but it says complete the prompt. Are you suppose to use all 650 characters? Should my son complete the prompt and then explain in a sentence or two why? TIA. A few years ago it was only 150 characters.

DD was instate. Applied TO to Psych. Got in honor and even received Dean’s scholarship.(We absolutely didn’t expect it.) She is not attending. (UMD was safety for her.)
However she had 4.0 with 30+ credits with DE. We discovered that UMD loves local students with DE and great GPA.

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