UMich vs UIUC for Comp Sci

Help us decide. My son has been accepted into Umich and UIUC for Comp Sc and we are having a very difficult time in deciding between these two. National ranking shows Umich much higher than UIUC but for comp sc UIUC is rated higher than Umich. Also from all the information that we have received from these two colleges it seems like the average starting salary of UIUC graduates is higher than UMich graduates.

this is the wrong forum. you are on the Bryn Mawr forum.

IF Cost(UIUC) < Cost(UM):
return UIUC
return UM

they really are the same level, and UM will likely be a better college experience.
(in UM you’d still have to declare CS though, assuming you got into CS at UIUC)


It’s a fit /feel /affordability decision. They are equal and starting salary will depend on company and locations. Both are getting jobs if your kid makes an effort. UIUC is really tough to change majors and Michigan isn’t. Kids do change majors. Culture of the school is different also. Where does your child see themselves at. I can load you up with why to go to Michigan. My son did and we are from Chicago… But which is more affordable for your family.

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Here’s another reason for Michigan. The Illini ruined my bracket. I had them winning. And they couldn’t even get into the Sweet 16.

Otherwise what knowsstuff said.

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