UMN Twin Cities Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

S accepted to Engineering. Took a couple of weeks. 3.97 UW, 10 AP’s, including Calc BC, Physics, Chem, CS, etc… SAT 1450.

Is anyone thinking of putting in the non refundable housing deposit of $50? It’s open now. [ edited to say maybe it is opening soon.] Then the student can always change the dorm preference but retains the priority based on when deposit is received. Obviously you lose the money if you don’t go there. Now might be too early for many of you but thought I’d mention it as something to consider. Student might get last choice if you wait until late April.


Thank you for the info @CheddarcheeseMN. UMN TC is one of S22’s top choices - we may do the housing deposit.

Have you actually applied for housing? It doesn’t appear to be open yet. We just tried again after seeing your post.

How do you post the housing deposit? We have only accessed the admission decision portal till now (admitted to CSE on 10/25). Is there another portal for the housing deposit?

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So is it open yet? Maybe my advice was premature. But it does open in November and you can wait a few months but some students do deposit now. My kid waited until mid Jan and got her second choice. Her classmates waited til mid or late April and didn’t get any on their list but they were ok with what they got.

How’s UMN in terms of rigor, any idea?

It’s a pretty good school for engineering, which is what my son is interested in. Many Big Ten schools are top notch for engineering.

Reasonably rigorous. It varies by major. Exceptional students(i.e. 34-36 ACT/4.0 with 12-15+ AP’s) often challenge themselves by going into Honors, or double majoring.

S2 is going to CompE, and is expecting quite a workload. He is actually hoping that it is a little less stressful than some of the other programs he is looking at. He wants a place where he can follow his interests, rather than endure “weed out” classes, and jump through joyless hoops. We’ll see.

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My daughter just received a National Scholarship in the mail for 15K/ year. She is thrilled. This definitely bumped UofMN up on her list.


D22 just got in to the BS Retail Merchandising program at the College of Design! She applied 11/1 and already got the acceptance today.


Did anyone else do the housing deposit today and hit the issue with the payments not processing?

Seeing your post reminded me to pay the housing deposit. No problem with the payment at all.

We did get the “Housing Profile, Contacts, Meal Plan, and Preferences Received” email, but the initial “Housing Application Fee Payment Result” email says in tiny lettering at the bottom that the payment failed - I got four of those because I cycled through different cards to be sure it wasn’t a card issue. :rofl: I’ll go back into the app now and see if it will accept a payment, we logged in right at 1:00 so may have been an issue with everyone trying to do it at once.

Yep, must have been a rush to get 1st pick issue at 1:00, payment goes through now. :+1:

S22 submitted his application yesterday through Common App. Other than a Common App email confirming the submission, he has not received other messages. Does UMN send a notification to applicants to set up an account for tracking applications? Also, since UMN does rolling admission, does it matter whether he chose “regular” or “EA II” in the application? Thanks.

I have not heard back from University of Minnesota. Its a safety college for me, lots of my friends got in
GPA 4.2 weighted
GPA 3.77 Unweighted
ACT 33
10 AP classes
applying for engineering.

My daughter was admitted 11/15 to College of Design. When should we expect info on scholarships?

When did you apply? My daughter heard back in exactly two weeks