UMN Twin Cities Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Hi - My D22 applied on 10/12 and we got the message she got accepted to Carlson today 10/18. Wondering how long it will take to find out if she made it to honors/ scholarships if any. Thanks for the guidance and pointers on this thread.

Has anyone heard about merit aid? My daughter received her acceptance to honors program, but nothing yet about scholarship. I would love for her to go here. As it stands today, even though we are in-state, the are significantly more expensive than two out of state acceptance she has received (with merit offers). It’s hard not having any clue what to expect from our own flagship university. Canadian option is also significantly less expensive…

It’s hard to beat Canadian offers if you are a citizen. UBC and McGill are not only really good schools, but have dirt cheap tuition. Places like U of T, Queens, Waterloo, etc, are more but still very reasonable compared to US universities. Throw in that the cost is in Canadian dollars and you have a great deal.

Same boat, though OOS. Haven’t heard a thing.

What were her stats?
Did she send an essay and answer the optional prompt question?

Congrats. What were your child’s stats? Did they submit an essay and optional answer?

Thanks! yes, she submitted the essay/optional answer. SAT 1570/ 3.97(UW)4.3(W)

My daughter is applying from Georgia to the School of Design - Retail Merchandising major. Anyone else applying there? How important are optional essays, common app essay and recommendations?

She has a 3.6 UW (only weighted 93% on transcript) and 31 on ACT. She also has solid extra curriculars and wants to join the college figure skating team.

Doe she has a good chance?

she applied on 8/2…accepted 9/20

My son applied on 10/15, was accepted on 10/25. Received honors college email notification on 11/6 and got a scholarship letter in the mail today 11/9. Never saw a college move so fast, lol!


Just got an update from U of M that my D22 is accepted for the college of sciences and Engineering (CSE). It was a last minute application though. Feeling very excited!!!


Congratulations to your daughter. When was your application submitted? My daughter D22 applied end of October to meet the EA deadline for CSE.

When did you apply? Which major with College of Design?

Similar timeframe, she did on the 29th late night. Check in their application portal for status, they have been having some issues with emails.

She applied on 8/6 for Architecture BDA. She was accepted on 9/27.

Can you please share your daughter’s stats?

My daughters stats is 3.964(UW) and 1520 SAT.

Mine is 35 ACT and I believe her UW is somewhere in 3.9 (She has 2 Bs in PE in 9 and 10th grades as I remember).

Each college accepts kids at different times and the later kids apply the longer it takes. Your daughter’s stats are great and should be a solid fit at UMN

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@SK22 just hang in there. She will be hearing soon enough. I just happened to check it yesterday because my D22 told me her friend got an acceptance yesterday for math major.

Thanks advitha and Monchandica, will keep this group posted as soon as we hear from them.

Thanks advitha for sharing your daughter’s stats.