UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 15

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Hi, I’m a senior and got a D+ in AP calculus AB this fall semester and I am taking Calculus 1 through dual enrollment with the community college right now for the spring semester. I have As in all of my other classes and I’ve had mostly all As throughout high school with a few Bs. This is the only bad grade that I have but I am worried that my college acceptances might get rescinded.

UNC doesn’t take mid-year reports, so they won’t see your D+ in AP Calculus AB until you send in your final transcript (assuming that you are accepted and enrolled). I think that if you do well in Calculus I, which is the equivalent of AP Calculus AB, UNC might be a bit more forgiving about the D+ in AB. However, it’s still not a good look - might be a bit sus that you’re able to pull an A+ in Calculus I and a D+ in AB.


When do you guys think the regular decisions will come out? I am speculating Jan 24, b/c its always around that time and its during second to last Friday of the month… I can’t wait any longer…


My daughter is a long-shot for admission at UNC being out of state, but we are super-invested in this decision because my husband went there, and we love the school. Plus, the major my daughter applied to is very well-regarded at UNC. Why don’t they do a better job of informing people when the final decisions will be out?

Being legacy helps A LOT. I would say it’s almost the same rate as in-state if you are legacy, so your daughter has a really good shot! They really need to do a better job informing the applicants though. I have been so anxious for the past few weeks, and I REALLY cannot wait any longer. I really hope it is this Friday.


Thank you! We are trying to stay positive!


You’re Welcome! Best of luck to you guys :)) hopefully decisions come out this Friday!

And best of luck to you!!


Do yall think its coming out today or Monday?

I just saw a Twitter reply from Admissions that said “the end of the month”…

Someone commented that decisions are out. Is this confirmed?

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my decision was just released!

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Yes. UNC Admissions posted it on their IG

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Rejected. :smile:

So Far
Accepted: Purdue, UCI, UCLA
Waitlist: UMICH, UCSD
Rejected from 9 colleges.

Accepted finally man


Accepted! International student.

Hey! I got in :slight_smile:

Accepted OOS did anyone get finical aid? Or does that come later?