UNCSA Drama Admission Decisions

Hey everyone!

I auditioned for the Drama program at UNCSA on January 12th, 2019. I am a transfer student from Forsyth Technical Community College. I wanted to start this thread to see if anyone has heard back and what their results were. I am pretty anxious and I have my fingers crossed in hopes that I’ll be a future pickle! Good luck to everyone!!!

My son auditioned January 19 for the Drama Program. I was wondering if you heard back yet?
I’m not sure if the process is different for transfer students vs first year but curious to know if you’ve heard.
Good luck!

My D is a sophomore in UNCSA’s drama program right now. When she auditioned, which was in 2017, she got a phone call with an acceptance offer during the school day on Tuesday Feb 21st. I believe UNCSA puts together their acceptance list the week after they get back from LA Unifieds, and then offers go out very soon after that. UNCSA was the first school my D heard back from. Good luck to both of you @FutureActress7 & @KAAL11 !!!

Thank you so much.

@Janine1 Thank you so much! I am so nervous, but my fingers are crossed. I have not heard back yet @KAAL11 but I will post on here once I hear back! Good luck to you as well!

Hey! @KAAL11 I just got off the phone with an admissions counselor and she informed me that decisions should be going out by the end of this week and over the next two weeks!

@FutureActress7 OMG Thank you! I was nervous before I read your post now I am a nervous wreck, lol. I will post when we hear as well.
Again Thank you & good luck.

Someone posted that some calls have been made already but that official calls are coming out in a week or so.

@actor16 Thank you!! Has anyone gotten a a call yet? Ugh, I’m so impatient lol.

FYI I know UNCSA Drama hasn’t made all their final decisions yet because they have 100 on campus auditions still to go this weekend. So don’t worry if you don’t get a call today. :slight_smile:

My daughter also auditioned January 12 and we haven’t heard yet. The waiting is making me crazy, lol!

@NervousMominGA OMG, I love the name lol! We’re in the same boat. Still haven’t heard anything back yet.

Hello! My daughter is currently a first year Drama student at UNCSA. She was lucky enough to receive a phone call acceptance on Monday Feb. 19th, after the last weekend of auditions. However, we learned calls went out over the next 7-10 days. Rejection letters were mailed and arrived at various times. Sending good wishes! And Hello and Thanks to @Janine1.

@FourStars Maybe calls will go out after this weekend, since this is the last weekend of auditions? I don’t know, thanks again though!!! Fingers crossed!

Hi again. I believe according to UNCSA’s website that auditions concluded this past weekend, Feb. 16 and 17. However folks keep mentioning the last weekend of auditions coming up. To me, it seems very unlikely the website would be incorrect. They are quite committed to seeing everyone and keeping information available.

@FourStars that’s what I thought too, but I just now saw that someone on the main 2023 thread said UNCSA made an announcement at last weekend’s auditions about having to extend their audition season for one more weekend to fit everyone in!

My son auditioned on the 16th. They told them that they should hear something the first week of March. They also said they only accept 30 student out of 900. UNCSA is his top pick. He is so worried.

I heard the same at the information session. I’m so anxious about it and I’m not even banking on an acceptance. Has anyone called the admissions office to see when they might begin releasing results?? Also we need to remember that they didn’t work on Monday…

My daughter called admissions about something unrelated to acceptances and was told most deferral notifications had already gone out. She said the people in admissions “sounded tired”, lol! I don’t know how they do it!

@NervousMominGA What about rejections?