UNCSA Film Class of 2025

S21 applied. Waiting patiently for interview/decisions. Good luck.

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D21 applied as well. Waiting, probably not patiently. There are no interviews anymore, so just hoping for good news Friday…

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Decisions are out (at least for D21). She got an email and the letter is in her portal. So glad it wasn’t the end of the day this year.

We have a Pickle in the house!

CONGRATS!!! That’s amazing!

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Thanks! She is very excited!

My son is in for film. Very excited. UNCSA was his first choice school. Ordering Fighting Pickle merchandise did make me laugh though.

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Parent of a new Pickle here too. I didn’t realized they discontinued the interview process so I was surprised. Anyone know why? Just due to Covid or…?

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Interviews were done away with for 2020 and replaced with the video essay. Don’t know why, but they were. And welcome!

Do you know the size of the a film class typically? I know when we visited they gave us material for all the stats for departments but I can’t find it online anywhre!

Film is biggest, about 80 students a year across all film disciplines. D&P is next at about 65, across all their disciplines. If you go to their website and search “UNCSA by the Numbers”, you can find the numbers there. It’s on the headcount by NC/non-NC.

Thanks for that! Found it! Wasn’t there also material about the acceptance rate for different departments too?

I don’t remember actual rate info. I vaguely remember them talking about it, but that’s it.


I applied to UNCSA and I got the waitlist letter. I was wondering if anyone knew more about the odds of waitlist admissions? I couldn’t find any data on the previous school year besides 2018. UNCSA is currently my #1 choice and I was really upset that I was waitlisted. I’m #1 in my class in high school and I’ve took college classes while in high school to get my Associate of Arts degree with a 4.0gpa for college so I hope maybe that’ll help get me admitted. I’ve been super worried and trying to find out all the info I can. Any information helps if anyone knows anything!

Hi! I actually was waitlisted last year and was eventually accepted if you want advice :slight_smile:

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Yes! I would love some advice! :smiley:

My daughter was waitlisted too. Not sure what that means since they had a 2nd application deadline on January 18? Are they full already from the first deadline? Or do they just pick and choose from each deadline? Hope she still has a chance. UNCSA is her #1 (and almost only) choice.
Any advice about reaching out while we wait? She already sent one email and received a brief response back.

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I’ve heard that they fill up the spots for the first deadline and still have some spots for the second so more students can apply. There’s only so many they can accept for each deadline. At least that’s how someone else explained it to me. Then in the spring they go over again the applications they deferred. If there’s any spots that open up, they relook at each application on the waitlist.

I hate being on the waitlist and I wish I knew more of the odds and what else I could do to better my chances. UNCSA is also my #1 choice, and really the only college I truly fell in love with.

Thanks for that insight. I guess that does make sense. My daughter also fell in love with the campus and is going to be so disappointed if she doesn’t get in.
Sounds like you are more than qualified and any college would be lucky to have you!
I guess we just have to have a plan B and be patient. Good luck!

Thanks, and good luck to your daughter! Did she also apply to film?

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Yes she did! Hoping you both get in!
Thanks so much!

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