University of Denver ED Admittance notification

Has anyone been notified from DU for ED admittance?

My son received his Early Decision acceptance this evening!

Did it come as an email or another method (package, snail mail, etc.)

application portal

Congrats to your Son @mapleplain !


If anyone has questions about DU, I"m happy to help. I have a daughter there as a sophomore. Our family loves DU!

I actually do have a serious question about DU. My daughter has it as one of her top choices – we won’t visit unless she’s accepted, since it’s very far for us. I’m a little concerned about its “rich kid” reputation. While I know there will be kids of all economic levels, is there a lot of social pressure due to kids being relatively well off? Will an artsy, middle class, public school kid really fit in? I’d really appreciate an honest answer. Thanks!

I have not come across that “rich kid” idealogy. In fact, my daughter said tons of kids get economic aid and that she thought the same thing at first, and then she realized most kids are middle-of-road regarding family income. She is also in a sorority and has not seen that. Many of the girls borrow eachother’s clothes for all the events. Our kids grew up in public school, as well.My daughter is also busy hiking, skiing and sorority/fraternity events most weekends. When we visited this last Homecoming, we attending several kids get-togethers and everyone was casual and bundled up for outdoor festivities, including fraternity parties we stopped at.

OK thank you! Appreciate your insight

My son was accepted tonight