University of Denver ED class of 2025

Has anyone heard when Early Decison notifications come out.

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Hearing that today (Dec. & 7th) is the day…

did the school tell you that

Correction - “the week of 12/7”, rather than “on” 12/7. Apologies.

Just spoke with my friend who said she contacted admissions office last week and they said today or tomorrow -fingers crossed.

Good Luck!

Any news yet on ED decisions? We are waiting on EA decisions and figure we can estimate when based on when ED decisions go out. Thanks!

My daughter said there was some chatter on DU’s ZeeMee that led her to think some ED decisions had come out this week. We’re watching that for the same reason! :grinning:

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My son was admitted ED last night…


Congrats! That is awesome news! Sounds like we will be looking for EA decisions early next week then. Thanks!

my son was admitted ED last night. He is very excited. Denver where we come.


Awesome! What are your boys looking to major in and any of their stats you want to share? Where are you all from? My son applied Early Action in International Studies + Spanish and Denver is one of his top picks. Thanks!

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Sure. His going to study Game Design. He has a 3.6 out of a 4.0 GPA and 1270 on SAT he got 18K/year merit money so that was a nice surprise. I was worried applying ED may not get any merit.


Congrats to your sons! My daughter applied EA and is hoping to hear soon. She also applied for international studies. It’s her top choice, but she will need some merit money to attend so fingers crossed!

Good luck to your daughter!

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Does anyone have a good appreciation for the differences between Pioneer Leadership Program and Honors Program and if it is advisable/necessary to apply to both. Can you be admitted to both? ISO MANY ESSAYS!

I believe you would NOT do both as they are both demanding, although you could apply to both. If you go to their info web page there is some detailed information about them. Courses are required each quarter and I believe both have a living community - at least the Leadership one does, I haven’t looked into the honors one that much.