University of Florida Class 2026 Admissions

Anxiously waiting for decision on behalf of OOS D22.



Feb 25th, so a little over 6 weeks left to wait.

Waiting here, too, but my daughter is in-state. UF is her first choice.

Good luck to you all! :four_leaf_clover: We are in-state and UF would be a full ride for my DS22 thanks to Bright Futures + Benacquisto.

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I think I am more anxious for results than DD.

Me too. This weekend I very excitedly, bouncing up and down told my son…it’s only just over 5 weeks till notifications and his response…oh ok. He is a Debbie downer lol.

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My daughter and I are taking a Digital World tour on Friday. We are looking forward to it! We did a self guided tour in the summer.

My OOS D22 has also applied. here is a link for a countdown for UF in case any of you want to use. :slight_smile:

Fall - Countdown to Feb 26, 2022 6:00 pm in Bloomington, Indiana!!&font=cursive

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Has anyone gotten in yet? Or is feb 26 when everyone will hear whether they got in.

Everyone who submitted all their information on time receives their answer Feb 25th around 6ish.


Our Digital World tour was fantastic! They had 2 student ambassadors which were helpful in answering questions. Now my daughter really wants to be admitted to UF!


Are apps up a lot this year?

How does one take a Digital World Tour?

I don’t think the numbers have been released yet but yes, definitely up this year.


My DD applied late – December – the portal says that her results will come 3/25. Question: are late applicants just basically applying to be on the wait list?

UF doesn’t use a waitlist for freshman admissions. Applying late definitely makes admission very difficult.

How many space-available admissions did UF make in March 2021?

I don’t think that number is ever released to the media but it is very, very small.

Hear that there are a number of in-state tuition awards for OOS students. Anybody know how many or percentage of them are awarded ?

Admissions awards freshman scholarships to about 10% of the class.

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