University of GA early action notification letter

My daughter got a letter from UGA, she applied early action with January decision time frame. The letter says they received her information, she can submit more information, they will carefully review her credentials and make a decision. Her GPA is high, SAT scores at 75th percentile range. Is this the standard letter or is she wait listed?

@VolleyballMomma did she apply by the Nov original deadline. ?

Did it say deferred. What this on line or via US mail?


basically says she can submit more information as they’ll continue to review her credentials…let her know by May…

VolleyballMomma First of all UGA's EA decisions came out on Friday, November 22nd, not in January. Not sure if you are confusing it with GA Tech, which does release EA in January. It sounds like your daughter was deferred from UGA. This means she needs to get onto the UGA portal and submit the additional information they requested to stay in the running. Good luck! FYI: There's another page on College Confidential where people are giving stats of those admitted and deferred. SAT's in the 75% are not in the admitted range for EA. If your daughter is very serious about attending UGA, your daughter may want to either retake the SATs or try the ACTs; this year, if UGA's released statistics are to be believed, 25% of UGA's EA admitted students have over a 1500 SAT!

DEFINITELY NOT confusing UGA with GA Tech since she didn’t apply to GA Tech.

Thank you