University of Georgia Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Action (EA) deadline for the University of Georgia is October 15.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

Tweet from AO admissions this morning:

UGA EA update: We have roughly 26,000 EA apps in, about 21% up from last year. Remember, the documents deadline is 10/22 (so recs, transcripts, etc.), & we will be importing test scores for several weeks (deadline was 10/15 to request them). Please be patient as we get items in.


Holy smokes! That is quite a jump. I guess it is the national championship effect :slight_smile: Apps have jumped pretty dramatically over the last couple of years, but that is huge. In the past the admission office has commented that an increase in apps doesn’t mean an increase in qualified apps, but as apps go up, admission percentages go down, selectivity goes up, which drives applications - a circular effect.

It was interesting to read his comment about being more conservative with EA decisions. In 2021, Georgia Tech had a big jump (driven largely by test optional) and the RD admit rate was 11%. Yield for EA was too high. I imagine it is really difficult to predict yield when you have such a big jump.


I agree with all of that. And that 21% growth is so high considering UGA requires test scores.


3.86 GPA (4.12 UGA calculated GPA)
1330 SAT
9 APs and various honors courses
NEHS, NHS, a job all through high school and both a hockey and lacrosse captain (hope to play hockey on the club team)
Out of State (Virginia)

I wish they had early decision as this is by far my top choice. Would love to get in early and commit, but just about certain I’ll be deferred and have to agonizingly wait until spring.

how do you recalculate the Georgia GPA?

Is it only the 5 core subjects? whats the bump for honors and AP/AICE. also how is Dual enrollment calculated in this? all Dual or just core dual classes?

This blog post helped me a lot. Hope it helps you too!


That link tells you how to do it. One point bump for AP/IB. No bump for honors or dual enrollment. 5 core subjects only.

The admissions blog for UGA is great. I would suggest reading it and the comments. If you have a question, likely it is answered in the blog or the comments. If you want to post a comment, it is usually answered within a few hours.

Good luck!


New UGA Blog entry this morning:
EA Decisions (and deferrals) will be at 4pm EST on Friday 11/18/22.


DD is applying for food science at UGA.

UGA GPA - 4.07
APs taken - 2 junior year, 3 more senior year
All honors classes
SAT - 1400 (680 EBRW, 720 Math)

I feel like her chances are not good. I don’t understand how students are able to take so many AP classes. At her HS no freshman are allowed to take AP classes. One one AP class is available to sophomores who qualify (which my dd did but it conflicted with her language). At most a student may be able to squeeze in a total of 8 AP classes including senior year but that’s assuming that they don’t have any scheduling conflicts.

Hi there, I always heard about UGA GPA. do you know what’s the formula to convert from regular GPA to that? thanks!

They will look at the rigor based on what is offered to her at her school. They understand that not everybody has the same number of APs available to them. My son”s school does not offer a ton of APs but used to offer less. They have revamped their curriculum in large part I think because of the way UGA calculates its GPA. Still can’t take them in ninth grade and a max of two in 10th grade ‘. There are some public schools however where people come in having taken APs the entire time - it is basically the highest rigor curriculum for kids that plan on going to college - starting with Government in ninth grade which is a junior class in my kids high school. A lot of the schools don’t require that kids take the AP test either (they have to at our school), So while they may have been taught the same content they may not have mastered it at the same level.

My sophomore UGA son got into UGA EA with a similar UGA GPA, higher test score, and six APs total (only 2 by end of junior year). It sounds like it’s going to be a more competitive year but as long as her rigor is strong, which it sounds like it is, and in keeping with what offered at her school I think she will be fine. I do think their recommendation to be prepared for a deferral is wise and everyone needs to be taking that to heart given the number of applications received. Good luck!


This was helpful for me.


I hear you. UGA is more of a lottery than a reach for many kids, simply because in addition to being very selective, they also won the football championship last year. I don’t expect my son to be admitted, but he wanted to at least try. Best of luck to everyone!

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thanks a lot!

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From the latest blog post by DrGraves it sounds like OOS is going to be extremely competitive this year they want enrolling freshmen at 80% in state and 20% OOS which makes me think especially in this EA round that almost all acceptances will be in state and probably a very high number of deferrals for OOS. He said in the blog that the academic profiles of in state and OOS were similar but with 80% plus coming from in state it sounds like an uphill battle for OOS students.

This is not a new target. UGA has in the last decade or so been roughly 80% in-state 20% out of state. Three years ago residency was not a factor in admission. It just ended up working out roughly 80%/20%. Over the last couple of years residency became a “tiebreaker“ according to the admissions blog between two equally matched students. This year it sounds like residency will be more important. If you read the comments, it sounds like the breakdown for the current freshman class was 76/24 which means yield was probably up quite a bit for out-of-state students. That’s the complicating factor - figuring out yield.

They definitely accepted plenty of out-of-state kids EA last year. At one of my friends out of state high schools, they accepted like 10 or 15 OOS just from that one (very large) school EA. Stats were comparable to in-state accepted students - in the mid range for EA. That may not be the case this year though. You can pull up the stats on the blog and they are significantly higher than this applicant pool for EA. I think somewhere in the admissions blog they detail the expected yield for in-state and out-of-state. Yield is much lower for out-of-state so they end up accepting lots out-of-state kids to hit that 20%.


wow that’s really early! would be great!

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My daughter got her Oct ACT scores back today and she went up 3 points! Yay! Does anyone know if it’s too late for those scores to be used for EA?


I found this in the comments on the last post in the UGA admissions blog. Congrats on the score!!

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