University of Georgia Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

Congrats on having made your decision!!! Such a great feeling after such a long haul!!! :orange_heart:Best of luck in TN!!!:tada:


UGA is not direct admit to business/Terry. You need to apply sophomore year.


I’m pretty sure students apply into Terry sophomore year… @VirginiaBelle can confirm as she has a current student in Terry. It is my understanding that it is an easier admit than UNC KF and pretty much guaranteed for Honors students.

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But if in Honors I believe as long as you are in good standing with the pre reqs, you automatically get in with the first choice major.

Yes please confirm so I am not giving incorrect info. Also I believe one just has to hit the minimal pre reqs and gpa to keep going from pre major to major vs being out in a competitive process. At least it’s how their literature reads.



That’s my understanding too (about Honors). And that is the case for the poster you were replying to since the student is in UGA Honors, but you didn’t make that detail clear in your post so I was clarifying for other readers. :slight_smile:

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Yes was basing on OP.

Looking another way - a pre business has to take pre reqs and get a 2.6 and they are in I believe but maybe not their top major. But Honors, which OP is, assures the major.

UNC is competitive - it’s not just a question of staying in the guard rails.

So students at UGA will get a business degree. If they miss the barriers to entry, they weren’t going to complete the major anyway whereas at UNC you can kick a$$ and still get shut out.

It’s why to me Terry is better IF it’s business or bust.

I hope I got that right. Thx


Yes you are right about admission into first choice major at Terry if you are admitted to the Honors College. That is very valuable. Good standing in the Honors College is a GPA of 3.4 or higher with a GPA of 3.3 or higher in Honors classes.

Terry overall is less competitive than KF for sure, but some majors are more competitive (MIS and Finance and probably Accounting) than others. So while you may be admitted to Terry, you may not get the major that you wanted if you want one of those. My son has several friends in that boat that were either admitted into their second choice major or denied from first and second choice but admitted into Econ. Also has friends that were denied outright. I do think that kids who do well are generally admitted, and the ones we know who were denied had a C in a prerequisite class like Accounting. At KF, it is more of a crapshoot who is admitted, although you can reapply junior year and get in (happened to a friends kid - great grades (all As) sophomore year but improved application with ECs and improved essay and got in junior year).

Here is what they look at at Terry. Test scores DO play a part for some majors, including Finance, so if they are good that helps.

And the 2.6 is a myth :slight_smile: I heard 3.2 a couple of years ago - a friend’s kid told her as long as he had that he would get into Terry - and he had it and was denied. We know kids who kept their Zell with 3.3 or higher and were denied. They don’t look at cumulative GPA but only GPA in prerequisite classes. I have heard you need As and Bs in prerequisites, with mostly As for the more competitive majors. Accounting is often the culprit for tanking the pre requisite GPA - it is a weed out class.


OOS DS admitted in November. Receive email in December he didn’t receive scholarship in first round but would be considered later. When will we know definitively if he received anything?

Class President, #1/130 rank, 4.5 GPA, no Bs on his transcript. 6 APS 3 dual credits (school doesn’t offer many). Varsity sport 4 years, team captain two years. Other decent extra curricular. Does not qualify for need based aid.

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Also national merit finalist. He will be going to Bama unless scholarship comes through from Georgia.

sounds deserving.
there is no obvious notification of scholarship. you have to go to the regular application portal and click on status update. it’s the same status update from the initial acceptance (which for us was like Nov 18), but they add the scholarship information there without changing the date. so if you don’t look, you won’t see it.

Is it on the same page as the fireworks? Thanks

for my kid, yes.


And congrats!!! No easy task getting a scholarship at UGA!:+1:t2:

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My DD eventually got an email about the scholarship about 24 hours after she saw it in the portal. Graves in admissions has said they will continue to roll out scholarships until April and will announce when they’ve finished.