University of Iowa: Early Action Decisions Fall 2023

Hey everyone! I’m an out-of-state student who applied on October 20th and still haven’t received a decision yet. Is anyone else in the same boat?

Hi! My D23 who is also out-of-state applied on 9/12 and got an admission decision on 10/12, so one month to the day. She is now waiting to see if she got direct admit to Tippie. I think they start sending out notifications about that on 12/1 and every month thereafter.

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My son, international, received decision today, received scholarship notification too. Applied Oct 29. Direct admission to Tippie College of Business

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Just got in this afternoon! I applied on October 20th, OOS, as an international studies: Global Business major!

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Wonder if your child heard from Tippie about direct admit status yet? My son is still waiting.

Hi, yes. She got an email on Wednesday letting her know that she was being offered direct admit. Her portal changed as well and now only reflects DA to Tippie.