University of Maryland College Park (UMD) Early Action for Fall 2023

Both are Limited Enrollment Programs, so both are competitive. UMD admits into the University first and then admits into Majors. Those not admitted into their desired LEP Major, have the option of doing an Internal transfer after completing certain gateway courses.

Internal transfers into CS and Engineering have, in previous years, not been competitive.


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Thanks for your reply. I am trying to get advice from people who are in this industry whether to go for computer science vs Computer engineering?
Looks like both are very competitive to get in to. Is one easier than the other to get in to or one should not worry and try to get a internal transfer if didn’t get in directly and got placed in to Letters and Science.
Do these kids who get in to Letters and Sciences can get in to honors programs and have a chance at Banneker Key?

I worked in the National Defense/Intelligence arena for a very long time and the work always involved systems composed in software (CS) and hardware (CE) and it was necessary to become adept in both areas. A student should pursue the field that interests them the most.

Both majors are competitive, so I would not worry about that aspect of it.

My D was admitted to L&S (she applied undecided) and she was admitted to the Honors College. She did not get any Scholarships. She did an internal transfer into a LEP (Not CS or Engineering) at the end of her first semester. Her husband applied to Engineering and was put in L&S. He also did an internal transfer into Engineering.

ALL students admitted to the Honors College are eligible for the B/K. There are probably about 3.000 - 4,000 students admitted to the Honors College. Approximately 400 are offered a B/K invite and 150 actually enroll.

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As I recall from my student’s application experience at UMD in 2019, the approximate time line for EA and Banneker-Key events is: EA admission decisions along with Honors College placements come out in late January; invitations to B-K interviews are sent out in early February; on-campus B-K interviews take place in late February to early March; B-K decisions come out in mid to late March (usually before the Ivies). As there is no separate application for B-K, it seems to me that the decisions on B-K invitations are made shortly after, if not concurrent with the ones for the Honors College.

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Appreciate your help, Thanks for including the timeline!

What kind of career is your daughter interested in? If it’s software development then a CS degree is more valuable, but you can get a software job with a variety of majors.

If you are submitting scores, does UMD need all scores submitted?

From their admissions FAQ page:

Q: Will UMD superscore my standardized test scores?

Yes, we superscore both the SAT and ACT. We use the highest subscores from the SAT and ACT in our review of your application, so it is to your benefit to submit all of your test scores.

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Yes, and must be received for Early Action by November 1.
Q: I submitted my standardized test scores more than 10 business days ago, but it does not appear that UMD received them. Why is that?

Standardized test scores can take several weeks to process and be received by our office. Please confirm that the testing agency submitted your scores to the University of Maryland, College Park, using the SAT code 5814 or ACT code 1746. Applicants often send their scores to other institutions in the University System of Maryland by mistake.

If your scores were sent to the University of Maryland, College Park, confirm that the first, middle and last names indicated on your test are the same as those used on your application. Different spellings can result in scores not matching with application files.

If you have confirmed both of these details and still have questions, please email us at for assistance.

Q: If I submit new test scores and/or application materials after the deadline, will they be reviewed with the rest of my application?

Only materials received or postmarked by the deadline will be reviewed for admission. We cannot guarantee that new scores or materials received or postmarked after the deadline will be reviewed as part of your application.”



Admissions Virtual Open House
Oct.10. (Monday, federal holiday)

In Person Open House Saturday, October 15.

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That’s great! Thanks!
I am trying to see if I can register for their virtual information sessions. Can’t see the registration option.

When you click on a session you’ll be taken to a page that has the “Register Now” button at the bottom.

I think this is what you’re looking for?
Office of Undergraduate Admissions - University of Maryland?

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I was looking to register for virtual information sessions they have listed in the calendar in the above link by Hippobirdy. There is no clickable link in that calendar.

Not sure what you mean. Each event listed in the calendar is a clickable link.
In any case, I provided you the registration link above. It’s the same for both virtual and on-campus tours but you can see which is which in the calendar.

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When submitting SAT scores, do we also have send in the AP scores at the same time? We want the AP scores to be considered, but not sure if it is better to wait till the school registers us for the tests signed up for senior year. Thanks!

AFAIK, UMD does not use AP test scores in their admission decisions.


On common app you self report AP scores. You only send them in after admission and enrolling, so you can get credit or whatever.

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