University of Maryland College Park (UMD) Early Action for Fall 2023

Yes. We will see what happens. :blush:

UMD does not publish an Honors College student profile.

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Watch the video at the Honors UMD website.


4.65? Yow. The highest possible GPA at our school is 4.4. I assume UMD will have the high school profile and know that. I hope!

See the other slide, more importantIy.
Is your student in top decile of their class? Taking the most rigorous classes available at their school? And, have mostly As? The top of the applicant pool is who gets considered for an invitation to UMD’s Honors College.

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Top of the pool applicants are also considered for their “Scholars” program, but as far as I know they have never made it clear who gets invited to Honors and who to Scholars.

Anecdotally the former seems to be offered to those involved or interested in research/academic pursuits and the latter to those with more interest in community service. But I don’t know of any official source that backs this up. Also among the kids I personally know honors kids had slightly higher stats than scholars.

@Hippobirdy or @SoofDad, any additional insights on this?

I’m aware of any good answer here. I have seen the same anecdotal data. Back when mt D applied (Fall 2013), the difference in stats was even more confusing. Then there were some students admitted to Scholars that had higher stats then some who were admitted to Honors.

I believe that back then, the essay, LORs, and ECs .were major factors in the decision. Since then the number of applications has more than doubled.

And, this is the first tine that I have seen identify Stats for the Honors College as posted by @Hippobirdy

I am assuming that the Honors College still gets first pick, but there will continue to be students and parents who are unhappy when the Honors/Scholars decisions come out

Agree with this anecdote. I have a current frosh Terp who was not invited to either, and older Terps.

Admissions reps have said that Honors gets first pick of applicants, then Scholars and other LLPs.

Bc academic Merit Scholarships awarded at time of admission - such as Banneker Key- are limited only to Honors College students, i believe this is why Honors kids have best academic stats, and some of the Honors llps have focus on academia / research / scholarly writing.

Scholars has service learning component that Honors does not have.

Best to inquire directly with Admissions reps and Honors, Scholars programs directly.

There are new directors in the last five years, never mind a new President and other new deans across various disciplines. So best to inquire directly for the latest.

Agree. Some invited to Scholars may be disappointed not to be offered merit scholarships.

Those invited to Honors may not be offered scholarships either. They are very competitive.

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Indeed, only a small percentage of invited Honors College students are offered any merit scholarships.

ALL students who apply EA are eligible for scholarships, with the following constraints - Only students admitted to the Honors College (IS and OOS) are eligible for the Banneker/Key and only in-state students are eligible for the Dean’s scholarship. The President’s scholarships are available to all and can be quite substantial.


Thank you, the President’s Scholarship ranges from $2,000 to $12,500 per year, and is offerred as you said, to out of state students as well.
These UMD pages may be of interest to parents:

In state students who qualify for financial aid via FAFSA may be interested in MHEC scholarships as well.

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What is a competitive SAT score for UMD comp sci out of state student?

You are aware UMD has holistic admissions process?
UMD is test optional.
Best to contact CMNS directly.

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Bear in mind, UMD accepts to the university first then decides on entrance into it’s LEP programs (which CS is one of). One can be accepted to the college but not initially into CS (students get placed in Letters and Sciences). Those students are currently easily able to switch into CS simply by completing the gateway requirements for the major. These are the same course requirements that direct admitted CS students must take. Just FYI so as not to stress over direct admission into the major.


Thank you so much!

I guess time will tell!

The high school doesn’t have class rank. Kid is in the high school’s scholars program, wrote an excellent essay, has good grades, will complete 6 out of 13 available AP courses, and was awarded a college scholarship by the faculty. I’ve been told the scholarship is nice for showing other colleges that the high school faculty thinks highly of you.

One not great grade was pulled up through hard work, which is a good story about, “I messed up and here is how I fixed it.”

Did test optional and wonder if that will be a red strike against.

This is the kid. If they accept kid, they are correct. If they don’t, they are wrong. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


How marvelous!! A great kid!! Congratulations on the scholarship! So nice to read your happiness and pride! :raised_hands::+1::pray:
Best wishes for your kid.
Hope you may enjoy this time, it goes so fast!!

Any suggestions on choosing Computer science vs computer engineering?
Our Daughter is not sure as she likes both. When applying to competitive schools such as UMD any suggestions what might help to secure admission ?

See freshman profile for engineering.

See CMNS contacts and student ambassadors for CS, can contact for insights.

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