University of Miami Class of 2027 Official Thread

Lets use this thread to discuss admissions to University of Miami for Fall 2023 (class of 2027). Whose applying early decision, early action? Who has submitted already?

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Well my son has applied ED. So the waiting begins…


Hi all,
I am a student and tour guide at the university, and I wanted to let everyone know that I will try to answer questions and provide helpful information over the next couple of months.


My Son applied EA, he is yet to submit Transcripts and Teacher recommendations (working on it).

My daughter is applying ED1. We toured the university a few weeks ago and a tour guide said he submitted multiple letters. If there is not a place in the common app how do you get additional letter submitted to your file?

So if you go to common app and go to the separate college questions sections, you will find a spot to submit letters of recommendations. This year you can submit 2 teacher recommendations, 1 counselor recommendation, and then 1 “other” recommendation. I myself submitted 3 letters when I applied and highly recommend submitting more than the one. Let me know if this helps clarify in any way!

Can someone chance me for ed1?

Gpa 3.92w 3.4uw
11 ap many honors
Almost all 4s and a few 3s
30 act
Tons of ecs(student body President for school of 3500, 5 varsity letters, team captain and nhs vp
Full Pay

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Just a reminder that today (Nov 1) is the Early Action and Early Decision 1 application deadlines so I highly recommend submitting your application by today if you have started it already and have not yet submitted it!

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Has anyone received any information about the applicant portal?

Hi! I was wondering when we will recieve our ED1 Decision? I know it says by December 15th, but heard rumors of the Friday before hand.

No. DS submitted on 10/31 and still no link.

We have our link. Maybe check the spam folder?

Hello, I’m an International student, how do you behave about the evaluation of grades? Can you send it after enrollment?

My kid applied EA. Just learned he’s been invited to audition.

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(ED APPLICANTS ONLY) Last year when you could switch your major the night before it meant you got in, but if you couldnt you either got rejected or deferred. Is that true now? Please lmk if anyone’s portal does not let them change their major anymore now bc i wanna figure out if its still true

Hello, can anyone speak to how reliable Naviance or SCOIR are when looking at the students high school stats for a particular university? We’ve been using it as a guide, but wondering if it’s accurate.

Naviance is student reported, so it does not always get updated accurately. And a small school will have data skewed due to the small numbers. You also do not know if there were hooks or other things impacting admission.

It does help to know it is possible to get in from your school though.

Thanks that’s helpful. My daughters school is very large, so the data for schools is usually robust. We can often tell when there is a hook (on the scattergram) if an admitted students scores match with other denied students. Thanks for replying!

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When does EA come out? Son has contacted his admission advisor over the past 2 months and no reply is this normal?


It will come out end of January. Admissions officers are in reading season right now so getting a hold of one is more difficult. With that being said, reach out again as admission officers get over 300 emails a week during reading season so there is a chance your admission officer just missed your email.

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