University of Oregon early action decisions?

So I submitted my early action application to University of Oregon along with an application to the Clark Honors College. I know the actual decision for the honors college comes after the general admissions decision, but does anyone know when those general decisions come out? U of O says they start notifying in early October, and I have a friend who already received an acceptance, but I don’t know when they applied.
I submitted my app just over a week ago; does anyone know when I should get a response? My friend applied to Penn State and got her response in a week, so I was wondering if U of O was the same.

D got accepted last night! Fairly quick turn around once they got her scores! Good luck!

My son applied on 9/17 and was accepted on 10/16 by email. He didn’t receive the package in the mail until yesterday, 11/9. Good luck!

My son applied on 9/21, was accepted on 10/16, and found out he got a scholarship on 10/20. He still hasn’t received a packet though.

@Marcie123 Was the scholarship offer a separate email? Or is there some kind of portal my son should check?

@burke1098 yes, he got a separate email a few days after the acceptance email. He got the apex scholarship. He got the official packet yesterday and there was a letter there as well. I’m not sure if its also on the portal.

We submitted end of October and are still waiting to hear - anyone else?

Son submitted his application Oct 30 and in still waiting to hear.

D20 submitted her application on 10/24 (OOS) and to Clark Honors College. No decision yet.

I’m hoping decisions come out tomorrow…(friday)

Hi @TheFrenchChef, what makes you think it will be today? Other schools my son has applied to have sent him an email telling him which day he will be notified, but not Oregon. Did you receive anything?

Last year we heard on the Friday before thanksgiving - that’s the only reason I think it could be today.

@TheFrenchChef That makes sense…that would be great…anyone applying to Lundquist? Anyone been to UO campus? What do your kids like about UO?

Heard back yesterday!
Accepted EA
Undecided, OOS
College prep private school, 3.7 weighted gpa (?), 30 ACT, 2 good teacher recs, 50+ volunteer hours, speech and debate, theater, NHS, student council

Son applied oct 30 and portal updated 11/22 with acceptance. Still haven’t received the mailed notification. He’s in-state. 3.6 gpa, 25 ACT.

@momofginger we’ve visited UOregon many times (we are in-state). It is a nice, fairly compact campus for a flagship state school. The sports facilities are top notch, as is the rec center. Dorms are not great (But livable) and most people move off campus after first year. You get all four seasons and the cloud cover and rain in the winter months can affect some people negatively if they aren’t used to it. It is essential a temperate rainforest. Eugene is a fine college town (and walkable from campus), but it isn’t really close to anywhere. Hour to coast, hour to the mountains (which are beautiful).2 hours to Portland and the airport (although Eugene has a small airport too). Good school spirit and if your kid wants to live in Oregon, there is a huge alumni network in the state.

Heard Nov 22nd!
Accepted Early Action
Psychology, OOS
Leadership, Varsity volleyball, volunteer, works, 3 Honors and 8 AP’s
GPA wighted 3.994 SAT 1300

We got an email last night (Thanksgiving) that son admitted. Biochemistry major, OOS. 3.5 gpa and 1500 sat.

That’s great @TheFrenchChef - my son applied on 10/30 but hasn’t received an answer yet. It took a while to get transcripts and letters of recommendations, because all the teachers were on strike for two weeks before EA deadlines. Perhaps this is holdup…he’s crossing his fingers. We are OOS too…funny you got the email on Thanksgiving.

I applied EA on 10/28 and I still haven’t heard back. I didn’t apply to the Honors College, though. Does anybody know if they review the applications of those who apply to the Honors College first? Just wondering why those who applied after me have already found out :slight_smile: