University of Rhode Island Class of 2025 Decisions

Hi, yes! My daughter has the same requested. She applied for the college of engineering. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad sign.

Engineering for us too.

Thank you for responding. May I ask whether you are IS or OOS? We are IS.
My daughter’s current weighted gpa is 3.7. Wondering if this is normal for the college of engineering to request for mid-semester grades before consideration.

We are OOS, in MA near the RI border. She’s already heard from UNH and UMaine, so we figured URI would be right behind them. I thought maybe it was due to being test optional. She tried registering for SATs and ACTs 5x since spring, but they were all cancelled.

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It could be due to test optional but not sure. My daughter took the SATs but chose not to submit. I guess we’ll find out some time in Feb (hopefully) once they are able to submit their mid semester grades. Good luck to both of our daughters!

Good luck to yours too!

Anyone hear back from the nursing program

D accepted to International Studies!

60k Presidential scholarship (15k per yr)

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My son was accepted into the Ocean Engineering Program on 1/15/21 with a $60k Presidential Scholarship! He applied on 11/30/20. We are out of state.


My daughter just received her honors college notification (no application was required for it) but she received her acceptance about a month ago.


Good news! My daughter got the honors program mailing last week. I’m not sure if there was an email too but the letter came about a month after her acceptance.


Anyone still not heard back yet?

Nope - not yet. They wanted my DD’s midyear grades which were just sent last Wednesday. She applied EA too and has already heard from most of the other schools she applied to including being accepted for engineering at RPI. URI is one of the last which surprises me. I thought they’d be right behind UMaine and UNH.

Looks like my Daughter has made her decision - URI class of 25. And a well thought out decision it was. She is the last of my 4 and we have St. Anselm/Vanderbilt, UCONN, UNH, and now URI.


Hello. My son was accepted. Do they allow students to change their intended majors before accepting? Or is it locked in the admissions? Thanks!

I would imagine you could switch - you could always call your admissions person. I was on campus yesterday with daughter, it’s going to be great.

My DD has been accepted and chosen URI!
Nursing Major, Honors Program and 12K /yr Presidential scholarship
OOS (Massachusetts)

GPA: 4.4
SAT: 1250
All honors classes, 3 AP

Good essay and letters of rec
Student Council 4yrs
Field Hockey first 3 years
Good community service

We are thrilled with her decision.


My DD is still waiting on a decision for ChemE after applying EA. Anyone else still waiting? This is taking a really long time.

Yes! We are still waiting, too, but my daughter’s mid semester grades didn’t get submitted/received till last Friday so I’m thinking it’ll take some time for them to get back to us.

I can’t believe you’ve been waiting for so long since submitting grades. Have you tried reaching out to the Adcom?

My son applied in November for Mechanical Engineering and still hasn’t heard. His mid-year grades were submitted earlier this month. I wonder how many engineering applicants needed to submit mid-year grades? He didn’t have to do that anywhere else. The portal says mid to late March so I guess they get moved to regular decision?