University of Rhode Island Class of 2025 Decisions

Use this format and reply with your URI decision!

State Residency:

Applied date:
Applied Early Action:
Decision date:
Campus applied to/Campus accepted to:

Following! My sister just applied

DD received an email that EA decisions will begin to be released tomorrow!

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My son got in with a 15K Presidential

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DD’s out shoveling neighbors’ houses…lots of snow today…will check portal when she’s back inside!

Anyone know if honors program notification will come in the acceptance letter - or separately?

does anyone know if all early action decisions were sent out yet? i have not received any portal updates or emails

Son received acceptance with OOS Presidential Scholarship offer. No mention of honors but at this point I can’t remember if they automatically consider them or send an application after acceptance.

My daughter applied to their nursing program EA and has not received anything yet. Has anyone heard back from nursing yet?

Congratulations! Do you know if he received an email firstor just checked the portal?

Test Optional
GPA: 3.7
State Residency: MA

Applied date: 10/22
Decision date: 12/17
Major: Kinesiology

11k Presidential scholarship!

He received an email saying an update to his portal had been made. He applied to Mechanical Engineering as OOS.

DD accepted to Science (undecided).
10k scholarship

Thank you. Congrats again!

My daughter was accepted to nursing program today. Oos no test scores 4.55 gpa 12,000 merit

Son accepted to school of business. OOS, GPA 97.89 SAT 1360
15k merit per year

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Got email notification regarding portal status updated today 12/17/2020 around 12pm PST

Accepted to 0-6 PharmD
$72K/6 years Presidential Scholarship

S just got an acceptance!

got my acceptance about an hour ago!
15k Presidential Scholarship

4.0 UW GPA / 4.2 Weighted
1290 SAT

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Son accepted with a University Scholarship!

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My daughters status still shows waiting for mid-year grades. Did anyone else have that status? I’m curious because her term 1 grades were sent, but term 2 isn’t over until the end of January.