University of Richmond Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Action (EA) / Early Decision (ED) deadline for the University of Richmond is November 1.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

Does anyone know if ED admits ever receive merit aid at Richmond? According to the school, anyone who applies by Nov 1 is automatically considered. However, the school could logically reserve merit aid for EA and RD admits as a means of enticement since ED admits are required to attend if admitted.

Child’s first choice right now is Richmond. Their stats, etc suggest they would be a a very strong candidate for admission regardless of when they apply, but with all of the uncertainty these days who really knows. So we are considering ED and trying to pinpoint the downsides of ED. One significant one is taking yourself out of the running for any merit aid.

From Richmond ED page…
Early Decision I applicants are given full consideration for all merit scholarships. Early Decision II applicants must submit your application by December 1 for Richmond Scholars consideration.

My kid is applying ED and of course we would love merit consideration as well. I looked through ED chats for UR for past few years and did find several who commented on either being designated a Presidential scholar (1/3 tuition) or finalist for Richmond scholar. So I think it’s possible!

Thanks for your reply, good to know!

Son, 4.0 / 1590 / Robotics, Engineering and Investment society. Considering Math or CS major down the road. Choose EA route because of Merit consideration.


Your son sounds like a great candidate for merit! I’m not sure if mine is, although his GPA and SAT score are high and we believe his application to be strong. After much consideration, he chose EA too. Richmond is still his top choice, but he just wasn’t comfortable committing without knowing all of his options. Hopefully no regrets, his attitude is that if he doesn’t get in it isn’t meant to be. I’m reading other threads with ED’s though and I must admit it’s making me very nervous. Seemingly more than qualified kids being outright rejected. Does anyone know when Richmond is releasing ED? I will be curious to see those results.

Curious as to why there aren’t any ED results posted here. I assume they were released. Anyone willing to share decisions/stats? My D applied EA with a 3.9 U, 5.2 W and 1520 SAT.

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jmjmm, I was curious about the same thing - this thread is very quiet. ED decisions are out since 12/19. My child was accepted! :slight_smile:
Good luck to your D, with her stats sounds like she worked hard and I hope she gets in. Is UR her top choice?

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skyefall, congrats to your child on their acceptance to UR! My son was also accepted ED. He is thrilled to be a Spider! Such a beautiful campus and the benefit of a strong business undergrad program at an LAC.

Good luck to your daughter, jmjmm!

@skyefall and @smith65 … thanks to both of you and congratulations…can’t imagine how great you must feel to have that ED acceptance. What will they study at UR? My D applied ED1 to Tufts and was among the <10% deferred. Fortunately, she has a solid list of amazing schools including Richmond and she’s excited to hear from Richmond in a few weeks!

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Thanks so much! My son plans to study Business Administration, although unsure of his area of concentration. He really liked Tufts but eventually ruled out due to lack of Business undergrad program. Great to hear that your daughter has a solid list of schools…hopefully they will be Spiders together!

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Congrats to your accepted students! Do you mind sharing stats? Any idea how many applied ED1, and how many were accepted? DS applied EA, waiting on Richmond and a few other EA schools. Third week of January can’t come fast enough!

I haven’t seen any stats from this admissions cycle, but this was reported in Richmond’s student newspaper about the Class of 2026: “Of the 851 enrolled first-years, 14% were admitted through regular decision, 41% early decision, 44% early action and 1% from the waitlist.”


Agree, very curious about the number of ED1 applicants/acceptances, as they did not disclose in acceptance letter. UR seems to keep the numbers close to the vest until all decision cycles are complete.

My son’s stats: 33 ACT, 3.9 UW (aprox.), varsity athlete-although not playing in college, strong ECs + internship/work experience, strong essays.

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Ohhh … Portal Astrology Question for everyone accepted and for those still waiting.

My D applied EA. When she logs onto portal, there’s a red banner with 3 tabs “My Application” “Financial Aid” and “Events”

When she clicks on the “Events” tab, there are three options “Virtual Info Sessions” “Virtual Workshops” and “Campus Visits”

When she clicks on “Campus Visits” – it takes her to a page titled “Admitted Student Campus Visit” and says Congratulations on your admission to the University of Richmond!

Could be nothing, but curious if everyone’s portal takes them to this page.


my daughter’s portal has the same thing.

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Prob a fluke, but passes the time :laughing:

Same here! It does say

Visits will become available for registration by January 20, 2022. Please check back soon!


My daughter’s portal says it as well. Would be nice if all of our kids were accepted! My daughter is a great student, but not in the higher end of the Richmond accepted student stats, so I will be (pleasantly) surprised if she is admitted. She is expecting a deferral (possibly a denial).