University of Richmond RD 2025

University of Richmond RD 2025

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Hi everyone! I am applied as a RD student at Richmond. Currently my top school, good luck to everyone.

Do we know when RD decisions come out?

late march is my guess

I’m thinking March 12th or whatever the second Friday of march is

Does anyone know what date last year it came out?

march 13

praying I get in. I was deferred ED2 and am worried I won’t get in with the amount of apps they are receiving this year as well as the number of people they deferred EA.

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Have you read anything about ED deferrals chance to acceptance? One of my friends was deferred ED1 and does not know how good her chances are. I was so surprised when she got deferred.

I have no idea. I have been trying to find Information on it. What were her stats?

I thought I saw in another thread that you were deferred Ed?

@kmc03511 Yes! I share this account with a friend.

ah I see! I have been trying to see if in the past Richmond has accepted a lot of deferred applicants but I have not found anything. do you know anything

No… I cannot find anything. I also have barely seen that people get deferred ED. I only see rejections or acceptances, which makes me hopeful.

I’m just concerned because they deferred the majority of overqualified people ea and the rd pool is going to be big

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