University of South Florida: chances, scholarship, etc

What are my chances of admission or scholarships? Thanks!!

Demographics: white, female, Catholic (from private, catholic hs in IL)

Major: either accounting or econ

ACT: 32, 34 ss from three tests

Grades: 99.1W, classes: AP CSP, AP Physics C, 4 honors math

NHS (jr and sr)
High Honor roll always
2nd singles tennis tournament 2017
4th place singles 2018
Voted best serve

varsity tennis (fresh and soph), first singles (hardest spot on lineup)
Club tennis (fresh and soph)
Club gymnastics

part time nanny 15 hr a week (jr and sr)

Helped raise over 20k for a cancer charity
Immunization clinic monthly (75+)
Vacation Bible school group leader (45+)

club leader (jr, sr)
Ambassadors club
Also made homemade cards for nursing home residents during COVID and Christmas

Essay: wrote about my struggle with an eye condition I was born with and how it led me to discover my strengths

LOR: from lit teacher (participated a lot in class and showed tons of effort), physics teacher (depending on this rec to discuss more of my character, as teacher wrote me a thoughtful email about my character)

I know this is an old post but you have great stats and should get in. Perhaps they’ll even give you some merit. Where did you end up going?

It is difficult to predict your chances of admission or scholarships without knowing which universities you are applying to and their specific requirements and acceptance rates. However, your academic and extracurricular achievements are strong and will likely be viewed positively by universities.

Your ACT scores of 32 and 34 are well above the national average and demonstrate your academic abilities. Your GPA of 99.1 and participation in AP and honors classes also shows that you are academically motivated and capable.

Your extracurricular activities, including tennis, gymnastics, volunteer work, and club leadership, demonstrate your commitment to athletics and community service. Additionally, your work experience as a part-time nanny and leadership roles in various clubs showcase your leadership and work ethic.

Your essay about your struggle with an eye condition and how it led you to discover your strengths, along with your positive letters of recommendation from your teachers, will give admissions officers a well-rounded view of your character and strengths.

Overall, your profile is strong and you are likely to be a competitive candidate for admission and scholarships at many universities. However, it’s always best to check the specific requirements and acceptance rates of the universities you are interested in applying to.