University of Vermont Early Decision/Early Action Fall 2023

It will be here before we know it, Good luck everyone!

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Has anyone tried to change their major?

DS clicked the link in the portal to do so but has gotten no response or change. I’m concerned as what is listed (BioChem) may be more competitive than Animal Science.

Hi @randommom1 - my son applied ED for just general Engineering major, but thinks he wants to do mechanical (but not entirely sure)…we weren’t sure if it would be better to change it now, so he emailed his counselor (your son’s counselor will be noted on the right hand side of his portal, under their picture). In case it’s helpful, here was her response regarding changing the major (of course it doesn’t talk about what might provide a better outcome - but at least you know it’s a possibility. I think reaching out to the counselor would be his best bet):

" So glad you’re applying ED–regarding your question, it is totally fine to be undeclared within Engineering. Many of the initial courses in Engineering are the same whether or not you have a specialty. If you think you’d like to change to a specific one, please email me back a request to the one you’d like to be considered for. Additionally, note that students can request a major change throughout the admissions process, and then also make changes when they enroll."

Also - any idea if the UVM application asked for several major choices? I know last year when my daughter was applying, I think at least for a few of the schools, she provided 1st and 2nd choice (and maybe 3rd choice majors?). Of course I didn’t see my sons application to uvm so :woman_shrugging:.

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Thanks so much. I’ll have to check and see if additional majors were to be listed.

Has anyone heard directly from the school whether there will be separate release dates for EA and ED results and, if so, what they will be?

I keep looking for more specifics, but my sons portal still just says “Your decision will be released usually by late December”. He applied ED.

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Nope. I checked the CDS and that said they have three response dates: 12/1, 12/16 and I forget the third. I know some who applied ED say they heard last Tuesday, November 29th.

I hadn’t heard that EDs have already been accepted. Was anyone accepted from this group? It seems like forever until the 16th.

We are in CA and my daughter has developed a nice relationship with the Senior Director of Admissions for the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii. No one else from her school attended the info session so the gal essentially interviewed her. Turns out she just switched to a different territory and this is her replacements first job out of college, title Admission Counselor. She’s so bummed that her relationship with that other gal won’t be used in their decision making :slightly_frowning_face:

I just watched a little video on UVM’s instagram account where an admissions officer answered FAQs. He said early applicants will hear by mid-December.


Was that for ED, EA or both?

I assumed it was both but @Kombucha22 said maybe EDs heard Nov. 29.

I believe EDs will hear by 12/16; they have not heard yet.

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Last year my EA applicant heard back on Dec 16. I have older kids who got their decisions around the same time within the past 4 years. This might be the first year they’ve ever done Early Decision so I don’t know if they announce it together or separately. I’m surprised they haven’t given a date for when they announce decisions, I have never known them not to have a firm date. My youngest is applying this year, fingers crossed we hear sometime next week!


Hi, I just checked my application portal and it’s telling me it’s unavailable, could that mean anything or is it just a tech problem?

I heard many schools’s portals are down this morning, and there seems to be a tech issue. :disappointed:

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Hmm i was not aware that any UVM early applicants received decisions yet. That seems odd. Is there another UVM thread that I’m missing? My sons portal still says the same thing.

I don’t think any decisions have been released.


Happy to find this thread. The wait is awful. My son’s portal is unchanged. Good luck to everyone!