Hey everyone! I thought I would start a conversation for fall transfers to the University of Virginia. Feel free to share stats, ask questions, and share experiences.


College: The College of New Jersey (Out-of-State)
GPA: 3.90
Class: Junior - 64 credits
Major/Minor: Psychology (Clinical/Counseling) and Philosophy
Major GPA: 3.93
Minor GPA: 4.0
HS GPA: Around 85/100 (3 AP’s)

EC’s & Awards: REACH Lab Researcher, Academic Tutor -(Psychology, English, and Math), Research Assistant in Senior Honors Thesis, Psychology Student Advisory Board, Bonner Scholar, Psychology & Neuroscience Club, Published Research in Journal of Student Scholarship, Hoffman Prize, Psi Chi Honors Society, and Dean’s List Student.

Hey, I’m also planning to transfer into UVA from JMU (in-state) this fall. I am a first year and I heard that they don’t really judge anything other than GPA.

Major: Quantitative Finance

GPA for first semester: 4.0

Credits: 16

Obviously I have an entire other semester that could shift my GPA before the application date but I had a question about applications:

Does anyone know if high school GPA and ECs are still a factor for first year transfers? Do I have to start building up meaningful ECs right now?

Also, I am transferring to the College of Arts and Sciences and was wondering if there were any specific requirements I need to fulfill as a prerequisite to my transfer.

Transferring from UofSc but I’m from VA so instate. Major Media Studies and Film production with a math minor. Want to apply for econ in the school of Arts and Science, however.
GPA total is 3.477 so 3.5 rounded. In order it’s
3.5 (Did 2 pass-fail this semester)
3.7 (Summer classes)
Total credits is 40 earned, 32 GPA hours
Take a wide range of courses and hard courses.
For EC’s Im part of my schools Esports team and the team itself is highly ranked.
I’m twitch affiliated which I dedicate quite a bit of time to.
Run a political podcast with friends
Work a side job at a Country Club
HS gpa was only like a 3.0 and a 1290 SAT but I’ll be applying as Sophmore so that’ll barely matter. Will probably get a rec letter from my boss or a teacher.

Should also add this fall will be more competitive since they said there are only 500 slots open which is 1/2 of last year. That’s assuming last year however everyone accepts the seats so it’s probably a little bit lower than 1208 which was 38% of the applicants last year. However, since it transfers the number of people who accept the offer is usually higher than first years.

Transfer decisions were posted last night. Check your portals!

What are you saying? UVA’s application isn’t due until this spring

She meant for spring transfers.

Non-Traditional Student. 34. Military Veteran 6 years.

Transferring from Mid Tier SEC School, 3.5 gpa upward trend.

High School GPA; a joke at 2.0

I am hoping my personal story and essays will set me apart. Left School in 2014 to become a chef, worked overseas in some of the most rigorous and well-known kitchens in the world. Opened my own business, best new restaurant award but closed due to pandemic. Now I want to lobby for independent restaurants. Hopefully my unique story will help them overlook my putrid high school performance.

I finished and submitted my app. I wonder how need blind they are going to be this year?

Where did they say that?

I applied for springtime transfer and got rejected, and it was part of that letter

I called the dean the other day asking if that was true and he said that its not and theyre expecting roughly the same # of seats and roughly the same application pool strength and if there was a major change like that their would have been an update given.