University of Washington, Seattle Waitlist 2025

For everyone who was waitlisted at UW in the class of 2025 admissions cycle!

Some interesting stats, from here!

In 2020, 2,160 of the 4,890 students on the waitlist were offered admission. In 2019, 2,394 of the 3,040 students on the waitlist were offered admission.


Thanks for starting this. I saw those stats. My D was waitlisted and she is heartbroken. She was really hoping for acceptance. Now she can’t stop wondering what her chances are for acceptance from the waitlist! :roll_eyes:



Hello I was also just waitlist. Very sad but still have hope ! Do you think that appealing is a good idea ?

I am also on waitlist. I checked the post for waitlist 2020, and it seems like a lot of people got admitted from the waitlist on March, which seems super early? I wonder if that is for Autumn quarter waitlist. If so, it would be nice to receive information about the waitlist status soon.

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So is it true that “If you applied to a capacity-constrained major and were waitlisted, you were denied Freshman Direct Admission.”?

And now we wait for our decisions to come out. Hopefully these decisions come out like before the commitment day and certainly before August 1.

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Has anyone reviewed the thread from last year? Anyone know how long they give to decide? TY

D16 in-state was waitlisted and is very disappointed. She has a 4.0 UW and 4.7-4.8 W (if you could her grades from this quarter) at community college. Has taken over 20 community college classes, including 4 foreign language, and has gotten As in all of them. Most of her CC classes have been to meet general education requirements for an arts and science major (which is not even a competitive major!!) She’s homeschooled bu has started her own business from the ground up (e-commerce) and is a certified Adobe Professional.

For a college with a 40-50% acceptance rate and a priority for in-state student, I’m shocked she wasn’t among the top 40-50%. She is sort of stuck moving forward with Communtiy college (if she doesn’t get into UW because she’s too young to move out) however has completed most of her general education so I’m not sure how she will be able to keep taking classes there without a goal of a major and bachelors.

Does anyone know of a reason why these stats wouldn’t have gotten acceptance? Any tips for writing an appeal? Thanks

Last March Covid was just starting. I’m not sure that they would take WL that early this year since the virus outlook is fairly good right now. We’ll see…

The in-state and out of state lists are separate so you can’t judge your chances on what is happening with the other list. Last year, they admitted a huge wave of OOS students off waitlist right after Covid shut everything down. In-state didn’t hear until much later and I don’t think there were that many.

My D was a stronger applicant than my oldest D you got in last year. In state, 3.97 UW and tons of sports and a long term job. I was shocked she was waitlisted. I keep thinking it was because of no SAT score but we signed up 3x and it was cancelled every time.

Does UW accept LOCI? and do we update admissions if we do anything else in the next couple months such as join clubs or sport? (just as an example)

My D21 was waitlisted this year OOS. We are on this ride again, as my D19 was waitlisted in 2019. UW was D19’s first choice, so she joined the waitlist, and ended up getting accepted off of it in the middle of May. Yes, it was past the commit day from other colleges, but there is hope. She is now an Sophomore on the Dean’s List and loving Seattle, so we are hoping that D21 gets the same opportunity. Fortunately, D21 also got into her “tied for 1st choice” school, lol, so she will be happy either way. I’m actually the one hoping she gets taken off the wait list so they end up at the same school together. Soooooo much easier.


This me. Oldest D is a freshman this year and it would be so much easier if they were both at the same school. I’m happy to give up the fee to whatever school she commits to and let her go to UW if we hear in May. If it goes past May then I’m not sure what we will do. It has been such a long wait and I just want to feel like we are moving forward.

D applied for business school and is waitlisted. I am wondering if it means that even if she can later get admitted, she has no chance to get into the business school?

Do you have a source for this? I’m not saying I don’t believe you haha, I just want to read up on it. Thank you!

I got it from the 2024 waitlist thread.

oh gotcha, thank you!