University of Washington, Seattle Waitlist 2025

I just posted this on the regular decision thread- my son who applied to engineering was accepted to arts and sciences only originally and unexpectedly got an email today welcoming him into the School of Engineering and had also updated his portal. He didn’t appeal the original decision. He was very confused at first but now is very happy. So there’s still hope.


Congrats for getting off the waitlist! Can you tell us what major?

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Thank you, @legojedi . What made son so confused is that he was never on a wait list. When he accepted the arts and sciences admission, it was with the understanding that he’d have to go elsewhere if he really wanted to do engineering bc there’d be minimal to zero chance of him being able to transfer into the school. That’s what UW said in the original acceptance letter. He really wanted to go to UW though, instate, so committed early on despite being rejected for engineering. He applied as an undecided major in school of engineering. It’s too bad, for students who were originally rejected dtc/m, that they don’t tell you that there’s a chance you’ll still get in as some immediately take UW off their list.

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Good Luck with your son. My D applied for OOS Comp Sci, but admitted as Pre-science. I am not sure if that is part of Engineering School. From my research, there is next to no chance of transferring into Comp Sci. Have to pass.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. So a couple of weeks ago I got an email regarding financial aid after I had found out I was waitlisted. Today I received an email talking about submitting a deposit for housing at UW but I am still on the waitlist? Should i contact the admissions office?

@misty2003, I would definitely contact the admissions office. However, last year we received emails from UW that weren’t relevant to our situation, so it could be an oversight or glitch. Nonetheless, I think contacting them is a good idea. Good luck!

Does anyone have access or heard of any trends on the waitlist for this year since signing day was saturday?

When my oldest was taken off the waitlist in 2019, it happened on May 14th. She was one of the first ones I saw that posted, most started around the 15th.


Do you think the UW will release any official numbers on the website or something?

I am signed to WSU Honors college right now but dont want to deposit for housing or anything because I am really hoping to get off the waitlist

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I just recieved an email from my counselor answering my questions about the waitlist. She said their admissions director is deciding “if” they will be taking anyone else off of the list. Has anyone heard back since may 1?

I have not heard anything but from past years trends, I assume the next round of waitlist decisions if it happens will be by the end of this week.

I haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully they do end up accepting people off the waitlist :grimacing: I’m really nervous for this Friday

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Hey guys all.
I just wanna share that I am a father of my daughter who was admitted to Pre-Science, Seattle, (we applied to CS Seattle, but failed) and we paid deposit even.

We have searched and found out that’s not possible to go to CS after 2 years later when my daughter is going to be Sophomore.

So, we are going to drop and decline to admit to Pre-Science today.

Hopefully somebody can take my daughter’s spot to Pre-Sci or any Major if possible.

God bless you all.


My D applied for CS and accepted as Pre-Science with Purple & Gold scholarship as well. Since the chance of switching to CS is very low and we are OOS, we don’t even consider UW.