University of Washington, Seattle Waitlist 2025

Same here. I sent my appeal in on March 31st.

I applied as a CS major which is pretty competitive and got waitlsited. If I do get off the WL, will I be in CS or some other major?

I just received my email about my appeal and I just got accepted! I am also in state and it took a week to get the decision email.


Congrats! I sent mine a few days ago I can’t wait to hear back!

Thank you! Good luck on your appeal!

you would be undeclared

I also sent mine on the 31st but I haven’t got it back yet, hopefully soon

Congrats! How many days did it take to review your appeal and hear back?

just got my appeal back, no luck. Back on the waitlist looks like I’ll be going to UCSD!
btw it took 8 days for me to get it back


I am in the same boat as you! I am waitlisted at UW Seattle as an in state student and will probably attend UCSD unless I get off the waitlist.

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i got waitlisted and i appealed 4 weeks ago today, and the decision still isnt out. do you guys think that is indicative of anything? also do you think there is any chance that i can get in based on the fact that my twin sister got into the school?

I appealed and got my appeal rejected after 2 weeks. The decision was given by email not the portal. Maybe it’s a good thing that you didn’t get your appeal denied yet.

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aw that makes me feel a little better but idk we’ll see

Reportedly in this year of Covid, the average number of applications students sent out increased dramatically. My own daughter applied to 10 schools largely because she couldn’t visit all of them in the fall. In a normal year she probably would have cut her list down to maybe 6 before applying. Here on these forums you see students who applied to 20+ schools.

What that probably means is that UW not only got more applications than in previous years, the students applying to UW also applied to more schools than in previous years. And for many of them, especially the OOS applications, UW might have been a safety school in case they don’t get into their own in-state options like UCLA or Michigan or Colorado or wherever.

So the “yield” that UW gets from the current crop of accepted students might well be lower than in previous years. And they might have to go much deeper into their waitlist than in previous years to fill out their incoming class.

Of course it’s also possible that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Or that UW already factored this in when sending out acceptance letters. But I sort of doubt it. Better to err on the side of too few acceptances and fill up the class from the waitlist than accept too many and not have enough classroom and dorm space for an unexpectedly large freshman class.


I think you are spot on. My D21 is an OOS student who applied to lots of schools, UW being one of them in case she didn’t get in state for California. Thankfully she did and will be taking her name off the UW waitlist this week and we hope that makes someone else on the waitlist very happy.


I hope the people that have committed to other schools notify their other schools of their decisions. Its amazing how many people commit and never notify the other schools. This really effect timing. It would be great to be notified in April prior to committing to a school that was your second choice then losing out on the deposit and limiting somebody else .

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i’m actually in the same boat as twingirly. i got waitlisted and submitted my appeal about 3 weeks ago and i still haven’t gotten a response. hopefully thats a good thing because it’s kind of nerve-racking to wait! i just want to know before may.

daughter just got accepted from her appeal! She submitted it about 10 days ago. As someone mentioned above, earlier today (this afternoon) and her login said “thanks for applying, your application is being reviewed”. Then she checked again tonight and it said “congratulations”. Good luck to those still on the waitlist or currently appealing. BTW- we followed the questions on the appeal page of the UW website and answered those in the appeal letter, along with submitting a letter of recommendation and current grades.


hey guys, turns out my appeal got rejected a week after i sent it in, but i did not receive an email about it. i had to email my area counselor at uw to find out what my appeal status was. pretty disappointing news :confused:

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same, i had to email my admissions counselor as well. I got rejected on april 1st and i sent it in around the 22nd.