Ursinus College EARLY ACTION Class of 2023 Thread

Thought this would be a great place and time to start a thread for those who applied Early Action, or applied in general, to Ursinus College. Feel free to post your stats or chat while we await our decisions to come out!

My D applied EA. GPA 3.72w, ACT 26ss, athlete. We visited over the summer and thought the campus was quite pretty, but there were no students around, so she went back last week and really liked it.

My D is a sophomore and is really enjoying the academics at Ursinus! Good luck to both of you.

@surfcity, what is your daughter majoring in?

She is majoring in psychology and neuroscience. @Colesdad

@surfcity when we toured Ursinus, it seemed like a lot of students where either majoring or minoring in Neuroscience.

My s applied EA, but thinks this school may be too small. I think smaller may be a good thing, unless of course it is cliquey.

@Leigh22 it is small but you get a lot of personal attention from professors. My D says students on sports teams can be really tight but she has not mentioned cliques.

Thanks surfcity.

Does anyone know when EA decisions are released?

I was told by the middle of December, however, when you look back at the ED board from last year - students started to find out around 12/5. Hoping they follow that time line. This is one of the last schools we are waiting to hear from.

This is the first school we are waiting to hear from. My S still has three apps to complete, but he is at a standstill. I really think he just wants to hear from one college to get motivated, if that makes any sense. Good luck to everyone!

My son was accepted EA today with a decent merit award. He’s a very athletic Korean-adoptee, very social, doesnt use drugs/drink. He now attends a small private school and I think a small environment would be great for him, tho he says he prefers larger. In some respects, Ursinus seems so great for him, especially because of the sporty atmosphere. Most likely he will walk on to the soccer team, as a non recruit. I would like him to try an overnight visit, if that’s possible.

Do the students get into Philly very often? The proximity is one thing that drew him to Ursinus.

He has several other acceptances, too, but was rejected from Temple, which was actually his top choice. Those are his only two PA schools. His acceptances include McDaniel, Stevenson, and Roger Williams … and several larger schools.

Daughter got her acceptance email today as well. Zachariah scholarship. She is thrilled as are we because that award will certainly help!

My D was admitted today with the Gateway scholarship. She has also been admitted to Wooster and Hope as well as our in state public universities (AZ). The proximity to Philadelphia is an attraction because her sister will be starting a job in Philly this summer.

@debseabold Ursinus does have the opportunity to do a semester in Philadelphia.

I’m not sure how often students go into philly. We live close enough that my D gets in there a bit so the novelty has worn off. There are a lot of other places nearby that kids go to and the college sometimes provides transportation: king of Prussia, phoenixville etc.

If he wants an urban experience, Ursinus is not. But it’s a great campus, nurturing environment, and you are right about the sporty atmosphere.

S was accepted EA today as well with very nice merit. What can you tell me about the sporty atmosphere @surfcity ? He is not an athlete, quite the contrary. Also, anyone have info about the computer science major there?

My S was accepted with the Zacharias scholarship. He is still waiting for other responses before he makes a final decision, but this was a great first acceptance! Congrats to all of you!

fxtxmom, from what we have read and been told, something like 65-80% of the students are involved in either club or competitive sports. And the student body really gets behind their teams, going to the games and all, not just football but track and field, field hockey and the like.

@fwtxmom About half of the students are on a sports team and Ursinus has a popular exercise science major so there are many students who are into fitness.

My D, even tho she played a sport all thru HS, is not into sports herself in college. She is fine with that but does note that the teams seem to have pretty tight camaraderie.

I don’t think a non athlete will be bothered by this however. There are plenty of kids involved in music and theatre or just their studies, as she is.

I don’t know anything about the CS major. It is generally strong in sciences and there are a lot of pre-health students.