USC vs Tulane vs Bentley vs GWU vs FSU for Business Admin or Finance

Hello everyone. I’m coming up on the tail end of my college decision process and I’d appreciate some advice. I live in Southern California and am planning on studying Business Admin or Finance, hopefully with some intenational relations perspective. My top schools are as follows:

University of Southern California- Business Admin
Spring Admit
No FA or scholarship

Tulane University
Honors Scholars
18K Academic Recognition Award

Bentley University-Finance
30K Presidential Scholarship
Womans Leadership Program with additional 10K scholarship
Honors Program

Florida State University-Finance
Out of State Tuition Waiver worth about 14.5K

George Washington University- School of Business
24K Presidential Scholarship
Womans Leadership Program

I would greatly appreciate any insight you can give me on the benefits/negatives about attending one of these schools. Thank you!

Obviously different.

So FSU and Bentley will be cheapest. One is a huge, regular experience. The other is tightly focused on business and has great outcomes. It’s small, you have little chance to explore other majors if business doesn’t work out. Is that a possibility ?

Tulane is solid. USC is wonderful but do you want to sit out a semester and start after others ? Gw. No campus if you like that.

We are all different. For example I wouldn’t want to start late, I would want a campus, and cost would matter.

Have you seen tulane’s dorms ?

What is important to you ? Cost. Outcomes. Location.

All are fine names. Prob FSU least on pedigree but they’ve got great kids and you’d still be employable and save mom and dad.

Bentley is best if you are ok without the large school, sports and know business is definitely it.

Just matters what’s important to you and what you can afford.